Drew Lock Fined By Denver Broncos, Says Missing Last Week’s Game ‘Hurt My Heart, Hurt My Soul’

Drew Lock and also two other QBs on the roster missed the Broncos 31-3 loss to the New Orleans Saints after the NFL considered them risky close calls of Jeff Driskel, that examined positive for the coronavirus on Thanksgiving Day.

The 4 quarterbacks didn’t use their masks or maintain their social range, as the league discovered in considering security video.

As Kendall Hinton was thrusted into the starting quarterback role for the Denver Broncos recently, the team’s full-time starter was viewing the blowout loss from house.

For missing out on the game, Lock et cetera of the quarterbacks were fined as well as concealed quantity by the group. Lock was apologetic for the incident.

” We can be found in on that Tuesday as well as obtained some added work in when no person was below, and also we obtained as well indifferent with it,” Lock stated. “It ended up hurting us and it injured this program and also I apologize for allowing that happen. We could have been better. That’s the factor of the issue here. We required to be ideal and we weren’t excellent.”

Drew Lock

Lock’s substitute, Hinton came off the technique team and completed one pass for 13 backyards and also tossed 2 interceptions.

” Watching it was a gut-wrenching sensation during,” Lock said. “It was tough. It was really difficult. It had not been something that I delighted in doing. I would certainly a lot instead have been out there on the field helping my teammates out. It injured my heart, hurt my heart, and it’s time to move on and get to Kansas City and get out there and do what I like which’s play football.”

Drew Lock

The event goes with the up-and-down season Lock had in his second season. He’s thrown for 1,767 lawns, seven touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Two of the interceptions protested the Kansas City Chiefs in the 43-16 loss in the Week 7.

For the Broncos to disturb the protecting Super Bowl Champions, Lock recognizes he needs to safeguard the football. Sadly, that has actually been a significant issue as Denver has actually committed a league-high 26 turn overs.

” If we simply keep the ball in our hands and take what they give us, I think we can have a better outing this time to make the distinction in the scoreboard. Our largest focus is dealing with the ball today and like I said, doing our work one play at a time,” Lock claimed.

The Broncos (4-7) play the Chiefs (10-1) on Sunday at 6:20 p.m.

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