Stranger Things creators give hilarious response to Millie Bobby Brown’s criticism of show

He continued: “Just as a complete hypothetical, if you kill Mike (Finn Wolfhard), it’s like… that’s depressing… we aren’t Game of Thrones. This is Hawkins, it’s not Westeros. The show becomes not Stranger Things anymore, because you do have to treat it realistically, right?”

The death of our beloved Barb (Shannon Purser) in season one was used as an example, with him continuing: “So even when Barb dies, there’s two seasons worth of grappling with that, so imagine – is that something we’re interested in exploring or not interested in exploring?”

However, Millie may be thrilled to know that more deaths may be “on the table” as “they are headed towards the end”.

“This is me basically defending myself against these Millie Bobby Brown accusations and explaining that there are lives behind it, and it’s nothing to do with my sensitivity. So there you go, Millie,” he amused.

Meanwhile, (SPOILER ALERT), Sadie Sink recently admitted that she did not know her character Max’s fate after she was left in a coma at the end of season four. Maybe, she succumbs to a deadly fate? Oh, we hope not!

Tantalisingly, The Duffer Brothers have previously hinted at how season five will end, telling SFX, “We know what the ending is.

“It’s conceivable that it changes, but I think it’s unlikely because it’s one of those endings that just feels, and has always felt, right. And it also feels sort of inevitable. Then when you come up with it, you’re like, ‘oh yeah, well, that is absolutely what it has to be.’”

Filming has yet to start on season five, but the Duffer Brothers have promised we won’t have to wait as long as we did for season 4, which was derailed by the pandemic. They told Variety: “The gap should be quite a bit shorter this time, due to the fact that we already have an initial outline, and we can’t imagine there will be another six-month forced hiatus.”

Mayhem and destruction, we’re sure the fifth and final instalment of Stranger Things will satisfy all our sci-fi-based desires. We cannot wait!

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