Struggling to break up with skinny jeans?

The era of the skinny jean is over, which will either be music to your ears or absolutely devastating.

For years, the fashionable denim choice has been spray-on skinnies, but tight jeans are now considered cheugy, dated, and unflattering.

With the reemergence of 70s and 90s fashion, we’ve been seeing a wider variety of shapes and cuts in stores.

The good news is that you’ll have no trouble finding a style that flatters you. The bad news, however, is that you can no longer pick up your staple Topshop Jonis, lest ye be judged by fashion-forward teenagers in the street.

The cut of your new favourite jeans will depend on your style and body shape, but the general rule is to avoid anything labelled super-slim, skinny, or jegging.

Straight leg jeans are ideal if you don’t want a big change, although you shouldn’t be afraid of ‘boyfriend’ or wide leg denims. Their voluminous shape will skim over any lumps and bumps while highlighting your curves, and help even out a top-heavy silhouette.

If you prefer casual comfort, cargo jeans are roomy and have plenty of pockets (pockets!) for your essentials, while those looking for a tapered ankle can go for barrel-leg or Mom jean.

Whenever you feel nervous about switching away from your old faithful skinnies, just try to remember; you’ll never have to do that awkward shuffle and jump routine to squeeze into a pair again.

Here are the best non-skinny jeans you can buy now… for when you’re ready to say goodbye.

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