Efficiently matched and also applied tonal– 50% of effective makeup

Marble, cream color– in these epithets commends completely smooth, striking imagination of pureness of shade and also as if radiating from within the skin of a female’s face. It has no flaws, specks, irregularities, its color is fresh as well as fragile.

In ancient times, ladies made use of milky powders to accomplish this result, in the last century they turned to the oily foundation of the only brand “Ballet”, ideal a lot more for the theatrical make-up than for everyday makeup. Today, in the girls’ collection, you can locate numerous devices that develop the effect of an ideal skin. She discovered just how to select as well as use them.

“Correctly picked as well as enforced tone– 50% of successful cosmetics,”– sure Victoria Panafidina, stylist-make-up musician of the studio “Uniton-style.” Lots of decline to utilize the tone to maintain the naturalness, do not overload the face, do not develop a mask result.

Worries fail: currently there are a lot of various in uniformity and masking capacity of the methods. On top of that, if it was formerly assumed that the powders and creams dry skin, clog pores, its age the after that modern-day ways of contrast, the facilities have wetting agents, removes of aloe vera, chamomile, marigold, hampering the aging procedure of hyaluronic acid.

Plus, this foundation gives a safety result, particularly in winter, and also the powder absorbs excess fat. Appropriately matched to the sort of skin as well as color tone representative imperceptibly creates the impact of a healthy,

Types of items The

tonal cream has an excellent masking ability. It is suitable for completely dry skin, and also for mixed and normal requires powder. It is used by pads of fingers.

Tonal cream, Sisley– 2770 rub.
Tonal lotion, HUMAN RESOURCES– 1120 rub.
Tonal lotion, L’Oreal– 590 rub.

Tone lotion, foam, spray, mousse — lighter than lotion, tools, ideal for mix, normal and oily skin, look more all-natural, but less than the mask, addressing a lot of the skin tone. Apply by fingers and sponge.

Tonal mousse, Lancome-1480 rub.
Toned spray, Isador– 600 rub.

Tonal cream powder— a combination of foundation and also powder. Well masks, does not require cleaning. Apply by a completely dry or damp sponge. “It is not suggested for age-related skin, creases and bigger pores, as it emphasizes them,” encourages Victoria Panafidina.

Cream powder, Cliniqué– 969 rub.
Cream-powder, Isadora– 600 rub.

Successfully matched and applied tonal - 50% of successful makeup

Bronzate, a tonal day lotion, offers a simple tinting result, does not mask, but even the color. It is designed for very easy makeup, perfect for oily and mix skin.” The action of bronzates is tough to anticipate, due to the fact that they do not work at the degree of toning, but on the pigment,” advises Victoria. “If the skin is unequal, there are, as an example, blemishes, pigment spots, even those that are not noticeable, they

can suddenly attract attention and end up being darker, so using bronzates is better with
perfectly also skin.

“Bronzat, Dior– 1450 rub. Bronzate, Maybelline– 350 rub. Toned powder It is related to both day cream as well as tonal to smooth the color, dealing with the tone as well as making it boring. Ideal for all kinds of skin, with the exception of extremely dry. There are 2 types– friable and compact powder. The first is generally used planned of make-up and also is frequently used by specialists. The second is suitable for individual, home make-up, as well as for changes throughout the day.

Powder, Dior– 1400 rub.
Powder, L’Oreal– 400 rub.

Base for make-up— dense in uniformity, strongly concealing ways. Advised for expert usage when producing night makeup or make-up for recording. They were utilized only in expert make-up, however now they are adapted for the day. “Base hydrates the skin, providing it a fresh look, a healthy and balanced skin tone and also well fixes– claims stylist, makeup artist workshop” Comme il faut “Anastasia Kataurova. — For example, if you wish to lighten the rough tan, usage purple make-up suggests, inflammation clear a white and also green base makes the skin radiance. Top cream and powder are applied from above. In the afternoon as opposed to powder, not to overload the face, it is far better to make use of matting paper napkins. ”

Basis, Shiseido, 1410 rub.
Basis, Isadora, 600 rub.

Successfully matched and applied tonal - 50% of successful makeup

How to deal with problem skin? With acne, irritability, inflammation, allergic reaction, there is an all-natural wish to camouflage undesirable objects. It’s better to fight them, not conceal them. Maximum, than it is possible to utilize throughout therapy,– a very easy powder, it is preferable colorless,– Victoria Panafidina speaks.– Apply oily foundation with acne is categorically banned. In general, with any condition, even not facial, for

example, with the flu, it is much better not to utilize make-up. Since the skin is actively excreted slag, the tone on it does not hold, but rolls down,” peels.”Just how to choose a tone?” It is very important when picking the tone to think aboutthe color of the neck and

hands, “cautions Victoria.– Usually the skin of the face is darker than on the rest of the body, especially till the natural summer tan came off. And if you focus just on the shade of the skin of the face, then against the history of the light neck and also the hands that look out of the sweater, it will certainly look more than abnormal.” Utilizing the tone, you need to efficiently translate it to the color of the neck and décolleté, shielding the border.

At the same time, picking a shade, trying the tone on the hand, adhering to the old practice, it is much better not to go– go to the aesthetic shop with a clean face as well as put a stroke directly on the skin of the cheek. And to assess the effect, go out right into the daytime, it sends colors as properly as feasible. “The flawlessly matched tone combines with the shade of the skin,” Anastasia makes certain.– It is specifically vital to take into account the area of the cheekbones– there the skin shade most corresponds to the natural. The second element is absorbency: the suitable representative is equally shaded and also permeates the skin, does not leave discolorations and also divorces. ”

How to use?

Before using tonal funds, you require to make use of a daytime cream, after which, after waiting 10-15 minutes, continue to toning, otherwise the tone “floats”.

To apply tonal solution (if the color is picked correctly) on the neck is not necessary, the main point– to color the border. Yet on the line of growth of hair as well as brows to pay attention.

Initially, there is also an obvious boundary color shift, and second of all, usually the cream there gathers, which, you see, looks messy.

Tone is applied from the facility of the face to the sides. Than? “Someone is more comfy making use of a sponge, a person– a brush, somebody– fingers,” explains Anastasia Kataurova. — I choose to work with lotions fingers– the all-natural warmth of the hands aids to distribute the lotion harmoniously, efficiently, without separation as well as buildup. ” When utilizing sponge, do not neglect to regularly transform it or clean it with hair shampoo.

Sometimes, to find the appropriate tone, you have to mix a few shades. However it’s worth it– a radiant, fresh, best appearance will certainly be your incentive. Marbled skin!

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