Summer season wardrobe: bicycle rider shorts as well as pilot’s outfit

Femininity is the main fad of the summer months of the season.Even such “brave” components of the closet, as overalls, this year have actually become tender. And also the primary element– a gown, to have in your collection which is required by every fashionista.


Gowns are absolutely favorites of this summertime. And any– obtained, it seems, from all the decades of the last century: both the 80’s are brief in sport design, as well as the 70’s are glam, and also 60’s are A-shaped, and also 50 are charming with a thin belt of crepe de chine in black and white peas.

Moreover, designers have actually encroached on the century before last, the Empire design– an overemphasized waistline and also sleeve-buffers. True, unlike that time, the present Empire outfits are so brief that even one of the most modern girls deprived of complicateds may not risk to use them without a base.

What could be the bottom to the dress? Of course, the primary fad this year– tights!

“Volumetric top– short gowns with high midsection in Empire style must be used either with leggings or with narrow pants,”confirms Svetlana Putintseva, dealer of the Mango shop.– The shades of outfits are summer season as well as cheerful: banana-yellow, purple, orange, apple, fuchsia. The outfits are made from cotton as well as linen, it is actually related to the print fabric. Romanticism is included in their sleeves-lanterns. A-shaped gown will certainly fit any kind of figure– the midsection can be highlighted by a girdle, and the drawbacks conceal behind a totally free form. ”

Mango: dresses from 1999 to 5139 rubles.Monton: outfit black in white little peas, 3500 rub.Meh: a dress with an odor, 3982 rubles. Shorts Shorts– a convenient opportunity to

demonstrate attractive legs and the results invested in the fitness club time. Incidentally, with shorts are well incorporated golfs and also all the exact same tights. Shorts in the summertime are crucial thing, and also this summer season likewise hypermodern. The choice of form– for every preference and also problem of the number. You can use a micro-shorts, like panties, you can place on the shorts of the colonizer in the current safari style, for those that are utilized to being in the leading edge of style, shorts with ribbons at the bottom, which can be tied to a bow, or even extra original variation– biker shorts.

“Biker shorts are the most recent uniqueness of the period,”states Svetlana Zubova, a vendor of the Promod store.– They are short– one third of the hips, the lungs– made of cotton and uncommon– from all-time low they are affixed, to make sure that they appear like flashlights. Because of the fact that they are extensive and also aesthetically boost the hips, such shorts will certainly suit, possibly, just to elegant women with also legs. The colors offered in our store are lemon and also white. The latter can likewise be securely called the shade of the season– it is currently really stylish. “Promod: cyclist shorts up to 1500 rubles.Motivi: safari shorts, 1820 rubles. Overalls From working garments, overalls instantly became a trendy attire. Remarkably, this trend was not born in mind for very long– the top of its popularity fell on the 70s, on the nightclub design boom.

Today, overalls exist for various preferences– fitting for female cats, ethno-vortexes for using with panama as well as shoes, suits ofpilots from canvas, lively and also tender girl’s coties for women as well as transparent guipure for fatal temptresses.”Even in 2015, overalls were not among the style patterns, on the bridges, they appeared in the shows spring-summer 2007, “claims Irina Shiryaeva, director of the Motivi store.– This summertime they exist both in the classic version– with shorts, and in a new analysis– with a skirt. And the last– this is not a sarafan: the rear of the overalls remains open, there is just a breastplate and

little breasts from above. You can wear them with tee shirts, with T-shirts, with tops– this thing is global and everyday. However if you put on a denim general with shoes with high heels and also enchanting T-shirts or blouses, you get a very attractive photo.” Motivi, overalls white cotton: 2790 rubles, jeans: 3290 rubles.Promod, cotton on the whole, 1699 rub. Leading Style 80’s, beginning his ceremony procession in the spring, on the house stretch has not yet emerged. The shape of the”triangular bottom up “is still pertinent, which means a commonly multilayered and also three-dimensional top: bellows are worn on fumbling, short boleros for lengthy topics-tunics.”In the summertime, the sleeves will be very classy

as well as the open neckline is open. This applies primarily to the so-called extended(earlier under this word indicated tee shirts opening the stomach)tops that are used with very wide belts and also elk or narrow denims,– claims Marina Romanova, merchandiser of the Mango shop.– Another important thing of the season– a brief, under the bust bolero, which is worn on these same topics.”Mango: tops from 779 rubles, bolero 1199 rubles.

Headband The even more the body is subjected, the much more active the girls begin to stitch it with various ornaments. Summertime accessories– massive, brilliant, memorable– highlight the delicacy of the lady’s wrists as well as the level of smoothness of the neck. Gypsy concepts are still in vogue– shrieking monist, multi-tiered bracelets. Popular style of a child doll– a bow with berries and butterflies, cute naive jewelry (little ), toy rings. Ornaments on the hair are the brightest trend of the summertime. These are the rims returned from the eighties and bandages that hold thehair on.”

The hit of the summertime period– a headband– will certainly enhance any kind of outfit and make it a lot more stylish,”Svetlana Vikhoreva, head of Merchandising Department at Marmalato, makes certain.– It will finish the picked picture and offer you the charm. Weaved, woven, weaved, ordinary and patterned, decorated with paillettes , vast and slim– the selection today is very large.”MARMALATO: bandages for hair, price from 70 rubles.Colors Beauty: a bandage for hair from 199 rubles. Generally, modern style, which incorporates the aspects of the last century, is still far more complex than the time parodied

by it. We are offered a terrific chance to experiment, blending designs as well as times. The important things is to know the step and, as was said at the start, to remain feminine.

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