Suspects Detained in Ukraine for Bomb Threats Demanding Bitcoin

The Safety And Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) detained terrorists that required bitcoin in return for not blowing up structures in the country’s resources.

According to an article on SSU’s Facebook page, 2 60-year-old men published a paper note on an apartment in Kyiv intimidating to blow up that structure or one more one if they really did not receive 50 BTC to their bitcoin address.

To confirm they were significant, the alleged terrorists detonated a small bomb near a train terminal on July 21 and after that called the authorities twice, reporting bombs were grown in various other locations in Kyiv, and that those actions were related to the explosion near the subway station.

After assessing cell phone data as well as street cam video footage, the SSU detained two suspects.

“Despite their advanced age, they discovered just how various lawbreakers have actually been utilizing crypto as well as hoped to prevent penalty after getting money in an electronic pocketbook,” created Anton Herashchenko, replacement priest at the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, on his Facebook page.

The bitcoin purse address on the hazard notice has only one inbound deal on record, obtaining 0.00012258 BTC on July 22 from an unidentified address. According to data from Crystal Blockchain deal mapping software program, the money involved the wallet from the LocalBitcoins marketplace by means of 9 hops via other addresses, including numerous transactions to the Russian dark market Hydra.

In December 2019, a series of bomb dangers interrupted operate at institutions, courthouses, shopping malls and airports in Russia, with confidential terrorists asserting to be ripped off customers of the defunct WEX exchange and requiring 120 BTC.

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