Sweating really has several advantages– especially for your skin

Don’t let ’em see you sweat– or do. The act of sweating is generally your body flaunting how smart as well as self-dependent it is (we’ll get involved in why momentarily). That stated, somewhere along the line, sweating made a bad associate for its impact on skin– particularly, for causing acne. But like we claimed, your body is rather darn clever– and it ends up this commonly-accepted cause-and-effect isn’t so cut and completely dry.

Since we’ve got your attention, read on for every little thing you ever needed to know regarding the why, how, and advantages of sweating– plus what it suggests for your skin.

Meet the experts:

Why do we sweat?

” Sweat offers an important function of effectively cooling our body,” states Melanie Palm, MD, a board-certified skin specialist and also the creator of Art of Skin MD in San Diego. (That’s why we sweat when our body warms because of, for workout, nervousness or instance.) “Sweat is secreted by glands in our skin, covering the surface area with dampness. The sweat vaporizes, cooling our skin as well as bringing down our skin temperature,” she describes.

According to the

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