Tenlie Mourning’s Postmodern Dining Table Was a Classic New York Craigslist Score

What makes a purchase “worth it”? The solution is different for everyone, so we’re asking a few of the coolest, most shopping-savvy people we understand– from small-business proprietors to musicians, designers, and also actors– to tell us the talebehind one of their most treasured possession. Who?

Curating truly excellent vintage furnishings is actually  Tenlie Mourning’s day work. As CEO and also creator of Dendwell, an electronic source for creative inspiration as well as shoppable picks curated by classic furniture pros, the search is her support.

She describes devoting the last few years of her life to learning more about vintage furniture and connecting with the vintage seller area as “an actual excitement in my world.” Dendwell focuses on items imbibed with meaning, each with an origin story of its own.

Tenlie, a genuine vintage furnishings professional, seated at her cherished table.

Image thanks to Antoine Karsenty. What?Some beginning stories are substantiated of need. “I recognized when we relocated right into our apartment or condo that we would certainly need a long, thin table,” Tenlie recalls. The dining room’s all-natural angle gave the celebration area a transient feeling. And also, it developed the chance for a large table. Purchasing a table that would certainly fit ten people was what she calls “grown-up and also very significant.”

Inspired by postmodernism and based by a sense of use, Tenlie laid out to find a table and chairs arrangement that really felt the best phase for dinner parties to find.
When and Where?Like many fantastic furnishings romance in New York, Tenlie’s started on Craigslist. Located in Park Slope, which is a little a walking from her Harlem home, she took issues into her very own hands by leasing a removal serviceand driving down for a solo pick-up.

“It was a complete New York moment for me and the seller to be carrying this big table down the steps of their brownstone and also right into the truck, “she states. 2 years later, the table could use a brand-new laminate wrap, yet it’s still a treasured piece in the creator’s residence.” As a person very subject to changing their mind and also preferences, I genuinely have to like a piece prior to bringing it into my residence,” she explains.

” It needs to strike a nerve within me and inspire outright quality that this is the piece.” At the core of Dendwell’s principles, there’s a common conviction that the things we bring into our homes tell stories about just how we hope to live.

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