Texas mayor claims federal government and also utility solutions owe homeowners ‘nothing’ as 10s of thousands left without power as well as water

The mayor of a city in Texas apparently composed a Facebook blog post informing residents it was not the government’s job to look after them during trying times, informing them “the strong will certainly endure as well as the weak will parish sic” as an unprecedented winter storm leaves millions without power.

Mayor Tim Boyd of Colorado City, Texas, shows up to have actually made a blog post on Facebook complaining that his constituents were contacting the government to aid them as Winter Storm Uri leaves 10s of thousands of people across the country without warmth and also electricity.

” Let me injure some feelings while I have a minute!!” Mr Boyd said in his blog post. “No one owes you are sic your family members anything; neither is it the city government’s duty to sustain you throughout trying times such as this! Sink or swim it’s your option! The City and also County, along with power service providers or any type of other service owes you NOTHING!!”

He after that complained that homeowners were seeking a “distribute” and informed people they need to have been directly prepared to deal with catastrophic scenarios like the massive winter months tornado that struck the area, leaving Texans in some locations without heat in single figure temperatures.

” I’m exhausted and ill of individuals searching for a damn handout! If you don’t have electrical energy you tip up as well as think of a tactical plan to keep your family members safe as well as warm. If you have no water you deal without as well as believe beyond the box to survive as well as provide water for your household,” he composed.

Mr Boyd after that accused individuals of being “careless” due to the fact that they are waiting for their power to find back on. He did not provide pointers regarding just how specific people could bring back Texas’s failed power grid amidst the disastrous storm.

” If you are resting in the house in the cool due to the fact that you have no power and are waiting for a person ahead rescue you since your sic lazy, is straight result of your increasing!” he created.

Later On, Mr Boyd condemned people’s expectations that the government would serve its standard function and provide services for locals to a “socialist government where they feed people to believe that the FEW will work and also others will come to be depending on handouts.”

It is vague which government he was referring to, as he is the head of the local government and Donald Trump as well as the Republican Party ran the country for the past 4 years till much less than a month ago.

He said he was “sorry” that individuals had to try to make it through the storm without water and also power, however doubled down on his persistence that he would certainly not assist, stating “I’ll be damned if I’m going to offer anyone that is capable of doing it themselves!”

The city issued a boil water notification Tuesday, though it was not right away clear just how those citizens without power or heat would steam their water, presuming their water service was operable.

Mr Boyd made it clear he was interested in providing help to those in need in his area.

” Bottom line stopped weeping and also looking for a handout! Leave your butt and take care of your own household!” he composed.

In spite of his solid words, Mr Boyd appears to have erased the blog post after it acquired traction on social media sites.

The Independent made multiple efforts to get in touch with Mr Boyd, but the mayor was not immediately available.

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