Than Kendall’s Mortifying Rap Scene

As a follower of the series, I have a lot of inquiries. When did he create these lyrics? Did he get a recording specialist to help with the beat? Did he make that tailored jersey himself? Did he exercise in front of any individual?

Just how is this a real point we’re seeing with our eyes as well as hearing with our ears? Am I in a lucid dream state?

Oh, did you think Boar on the Floor would certainly be one of the most humiliating part of Succession‘s second season? WRONG. Just one episode after Logan cruelly requires his child to go to the residence of the guy he (indirectly) kills, Kendall orders the mic and also executes a rap for Daddy Dearest.

“The concept of Kendall rapping was, I keep in mind, I was assuming, if you heard a billionaire’s child had done that, you would certainly resemble, ‘Yeah, it sounds like the kind of toe-curling thing you may see on Instagram,'” creator Jesse Armstrong claimed during the program’s Inside the Episode featurette. “I assume it’s quite awkward. It’s also sort of excellent.”

“Good” is an interesting adjective option here. Upon a preliminary examination of Twitter, half the audience prepares to cancel Kendall, as well as the various other half is seeking a method to make “L to the OG” their brand-new ringtone. (There may be some crossover in this Venn layout.) Here are some of the most effective reactions.

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