The 11 best cooling pillows to upgrade your bedtime with this World Sleep Day

Buying one of the best cooling pillows will be the best decision you make this week as temperatures soar into the high thirties.

From the moment I wake up I’m counting down the minutes until I can return to my bed again. No doubt my memory foam mattress and fresh bedding helps, not forgetting how inviting it looks because of all the scatter cushions and throw blankets I add on, but the thing that I dream about most is my cool pillows.

Not cool as in fashionable – although they definitely are – but temperature wise.

There are few things better in life than turning over your pillow to the ‘cold side’ and being hit with that refreshing sensation and instant calming effect. That is until you discover cooling pillows which deliver that feeling constantly. Crafted with super clever technology, which you could genuinely mistake for witchcraft it’s that good, cool pillows will have you questioning how you ever managed without them. And, as this week is seeing record temperatures of 37 and over in London, what better time to invest in cool as a cucumber snoozing habits?

Do self-cooling pillows work?

Yes! The clue is in the name, but cool pillows help to keep you cool throughout the night. If you’re a hot sleeper or tend to wake up in a sweat, then a cooling pillow will definitely help. They lower the temperature around your head, neck and shoulders which, in turn, helps you to sleep a lot more soundly.

Some cool pillows are simply crafted from sweat-wicking or temperature-regulating fabrics, which will stop you from overheating or sweating, whereas others are designed with special technology and/or gel inlays which provide a constant cold sensation instead.

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What is the best cooling pillow in the UK?

Silentnight’s Cool Touch Pillow features a pressure-activated cooling gel pad which helps to absorb excess body heat. It reinforces the natural signals your body recognises as ‘time to sleep’ by creating a colder environment which soothes and relaxes you.

If you want to share the love, Nectar’s Premium Foam Pillow Pair means that both you and whoever you sleep next to can both experience a good night’s rest. The memory foam design is fitted with a quilted outer shell, plus Tencel cooling fabric and breathable mesh border for active ventilation.

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