The contributor of SE examined herself the Japanese massage therapy right at the office

If somebody took place to work till the evening, do not let the computer mouse out of the palm for 12 hrs, really feel the appeal of the deadline as well as the sharpness of the sensations from the failing of terms, he, possibly, will remember how in those moments he fantasized that you were rubbed on the head or on the back.

Massage therapy throughout working races, relieving stress and massaging his tight back, is what the doctor recommended. A special massage therapy method for office workers was developed in Japan, where, as is known, computer systems deal with a cardiac arrest. In Novosibirsk you can get straight to the working area of the masseur, which was done by the correspondent of SE.

Massage therapy with leaving the office in the very same Japan, in America— it’s typical. In Moscow, too, they started to do so— a workplace where «mental» labor teems with days and also people experience serious anxiety at work, sadly, it becomes an increasing number of. In Novosibirsk, with workaholism while whatever recognizes, however already there is a business that manages traveling to offices to overloaded employees,— Anti Stress Express.

According to workers, they have orders, some offices are called several times— like. For the benefit of one or two people the massage therapy specialist will certainly not go to your office— it is unprofitable, generally solitary individuals are welcomed to visit the massage area. It is not cheap— 450 rubles, lasts 25 minutes. At trial order in the workplace— a minimum of 8 people— one session will cost 360 rubles. In basic the number of customers is stipulated, and it takes place,

Agreed about concerning time of arrival of the masseur in the morning, and exactly specifically the appointed time, he was with the chair and as well as recorder in the office. For the session it is good to have a different space— so that colleagues do not gaze as well as do not distract, besides the massage therapy is carried out in order to help relax as well as relieve nervous tension. Undress is not required— manipulations are made via clothing and also without the use of oils or creams.

In Japanese amma massage(equated as»hand convenience» ), brushing, working, stretching and pokolachivanie body in the place of acupressure factors are made use of.

Such a massage can not be called restorative, it does not deal with particular diseases. Do not confuse it with a shiatsu— a massage therapy that grew out of ammonia. In our city, it is usually done: in the facility of Chinese typical medicine «Feng Hua» depending on the area of the illness, the shiatsu massage therapy session costs 700-900 rubles, in «Asia SPA»— 1,5 hours 1500 rubles.

Amma massage is mainly directed to the main nerve system— the result on the points where there are numerous nerve closings brings about a general release of stress. Massage therapy does not have stringent contraindications, except for maternity— some factors of study influence the contraction of the uterus.

For the session you need to occupy an interested present on the armchair: the legs are curved at the knees and hinge on cushions, the head as well as belly additionally lie on a special cushion, the position itself suggests relaxation— you seem to be limply limp. In this setting, according to experts, there is likewise an extensive definition: for the touch, only the posterior fifty percent of the trunk is open, and also the front, even more vulnerable, is concealed, which creates an extra sense of security for the person.

The masseur began to influence the shoulders, then— on the hands, not utilizing the usual activities, but only by pressing on specific factors, much of which, specifically in the lower arm zone, were extremely delicate. Brushes and fingers the masseur thoroughly rubs— hands becomes warm and also simple. Directed neck and also head are functioned.

At some time, the masseur begins commonly and also commonly stroked his head— the details will certainly not be superfluous for those that anticipated during the session to keep the complex styling.

Afterwards, the action is moved to the back— the location of the spine is being created (yes, incidentally, with some illness of the spinal column, especially cracks, massage is additionally contraindicated). The waist and also the hips are extended— the masseur influences the points in this component of the body with solid squeezing— there they additionally are.Relax is actually gotten, and also the experiences are enjoyable, also when the point on which they push, reacts shateringly.

A couple of minutes after the treatment you require to rest, after which there will certainly be a surge of stamina and efficiency. Because the massage was done to me at the end of the functioning day, I did not really feel need to function, but the toughness was truly enhanced— I did not really feel such cheerfulness and also clearness of thoughts in the morning. Keeping in mind night vigils at the computer, I dare to presume that this massage therapy in vital scenarios can work marvels. It’s one more issue whether it is worth working to ensure that you need to be drained?

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