The contributor of SE checked the efficiency of photoepilation

There are numerous methods of getting rid of undesirable hair. There were times when wax strips seemed a wonder, and Venus razors were the top of exfoliation excellence.

Currently it’s just as daily as a toothbrush. If a year ago photoepilation appeared a dreadful as well as odd treatment, told all type of horrors concerning her soreness and high cost, today many of her either have already done, or are mosting likely to do. The correspondent of SE determined to share her feelings after the three treatments.

Whatever the grandmothers claim, in our time from hair on the body you require to get rid of. Simply due to the fact that their visibility is undesirable to others: we are much from nature, which provided us them for a factor, not so. In matters of hair elimination, there is no democracy, other than that the decision to do a complete epilation of intimate areas or to be material only with a swimwear zone is still left for individual consideration.

Demonstration of disordered legs as well as underarms is a severe social criminal activity. On the other hand, I do not know ladies that like exfoliation, or hair removal. Neither tiring shaving, from which there is irritation external and interior, no wax (you will not get utilized to this execution, although you tell all sympathizers that it does not injured at all), neither a lotion with an odor,

The correspondent of SE checked the effectiveness of photoepilation

And I do not know a woman who would not intend to get rid of not a lot from hair as from these procedures for life. Few dared to electro-epilation, although it was understood for a very long time– too costly, long and also painful.

Photoepilation (which acts in a similar way-destroying the bulb, however not every electrical discharge, however a number of light flashes at the same time) was likewise initially feared, although it took much less time as well as was unpleasant but painful. Quit as well as the price– removing hair turned out waybill. There was an innovation: the pain was removed in a simple means– the burning result of light on the skin is counteracted with an air conditioning gel, and also as for the rate, I picked the salon where the least expensive rate in the city is 500 rubles (on average in hair salons from 1200 to 3000 rubles per procedure). According to the administrator of the “Extreme-style”, this results from the reality,

Honestly, doctors admitted to me that photoepilation was done not as long ago to examine its results on the body after years (in Novosibirsk photoepilation was started concerning 3 years ago in the hair salon “Kamiy Alban”).

Hair salon masters still anticipate the future– in the sense that you will certainly do away with hair completely. True, not one hundred percent: some bothersome specimens will still break through– they need to be tweezed. This is written in the information sheet, which they provide to check in the “Extreme-style” prior to the procedure.

It additionally shows that the full impact will be available in a year, that on the website of direct exposure there can be reddening, that the solarium can not be checked out either two weeks prior to the treatments, or a week after their flow. There’s a lot there. Just I’m sorry that this sheet is not supplied me, and keeping in mind all the factors is rather tough– so I went to a solarium at an unfavorable time. Yet much more on that later.

Deciding to do photoepilation of the underarms, I, humiliated, let my hair grow there, making sure that you ought to feature a hair not less than 5 mm in size. “The following time you get rid of the hair,”– considering me, claimed the girl-epilator. It turned out that throughout hair elimination hair does not fall out as well as do not break off– they stay in position, yet just their bulb is destroyed, so it is much easier to remove the lighted hairs than healthy and balanced ones, and by all guidelines they should not get to the surface area anymore. They climb up those who at the time of irradiation did not expand, but avoided. For that reason, several treatments should be complied with (at least three), up until all the hair of the zone obtains a dose of light in the desired stage of growth.

The really procedure of photoepilation of underarms passes surprisingly rapidly– less than 5 mins. You undress, you relax on the couch, placed on your glasses, throw your hands behind your head and view the clear cool gel spread over your skin.

Connecting to the skin a device resembling a plaything gun shooting with a laser light beam, the master makes a test flash, asking– is it unpleasant for you? When the concern with the limit of sensitivity is cleared up, a number of flashes are made, after that the very same on the 2nd underarm. Gel is accumulated, the skin is cleaned, you can stand up as well as outfit. Prior to leaving, do not forget to make an appointment and also pay for the complying with procedure– a break in between them need to be 3 weeks.

After the very first treatment, I admit, I did not observe any adjustments– in two weeks my hair had to be removed, customarily, with wax. After the second check out, the hair grew a lot smaller, yet those that appeared were thick as well as black– they needed to be plucked with tweezers. After the 3rd treatment two weeks later on, a couple of grey weak hairs showed up (I also assume that it is unworthy making use of wax to remove them– tweezers suffice). There is a feeling that after the fourth (and I plan on finishing it) as well as plucking with tweezers will come to be a rarity. Honestly: I’m pleased– one more undesirable moment of life is removed.

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