The need to do a cosmetic surgery signifies self-hatred

Survey on SHE “Are you satisfied with your appearance?” Revealed that only 30% of our viewers do not fret about their look, nearly 40%– would certainly remove excess weight, 18% would certainly transform the breast size, and 7% would reject their ears and nose.

In the survey there was no “Do you experience your drawbacks and also are they all set to eliminate them surgically“, but it is known that the data of phone call to cosmetic surgeons are expanding without unique need. Do I need to consider surgical modifications and also do I much better proper my mindset to them, the contributor of SE discussed.

First, let’s speak about dysmorphophobia( Latin dis– offense, Greek morphe– form, phobos– concern). As a whole, this word in the Dictionary of Clinical Psychology describes a variety of hypochondriac disorders, primarily found in adolescence, more frequently in girls: “With dysmorphophobia, there is a pathological belief in the presence of some physical issue (the awful structure of one’s body, its separate parts, particularly individual).

” If professional instances occur in the teenage duration, the mirrors of emotional issues can quickly be observed in grown-up ladies. As well as the overwhelming bulk– nearly all reps of the fair sex discover in their appearance something undesirable.

Healthy and balanced self-criticism is in some cases changed by fixation, and ladies, without genuine clinical proof– burns or marks, start to cut the face and body of plastic specialists, not soothing down, getting to a particular result. Famous examples: Demi Moore, that became a charm with the assistance of cosmetic surgeons from ugly girl, vocalist Cher, who managed to preserve her look regardless of 30 cosmetic surgery, are examples of basically effective treatments.

Masha Malinovskaya, that has become funny, Pamela Anderson, continuously transforming the dimension of her busts, the supposed “mukly”, the girls with silicone encounters, which are located on the images of secular chronicles, are much less successful instances.

Why do they reduce themselves?

” An attract a cosmetic surgeon is the first sign of self-hatred,” claimed Igor Poperechny, director of the Center for Medical Sexology and also Psychotherapy. — Of program,

there are trends of style, but they are not truly solid sufficient to require a mentally healthy and balanced lady to remove items of herself. With age, an individual’s mental issues just build up, and also therefore people with fantastic passion begin to reveal aggression to themselves. “

Without a doubt, tries to change the look frequently come with life tension: “People frequently turn to a cosmetic surgeon during hormone modifications, in adolescence, when they are undergoing high demands, or, as an example, in the menopause they bring a photo of forty years back as well as assume they have actually concerned a wizard that will certainly return young people, “says Vladimir Panov, supervisor of the facility of Dr. Panov. ” Either a person has experienced a discharge or a collapse of his individual life as well as thinks that his appearance is responsible.”

Nonetheless, if you ask the operating women themselves, after that some can not state which trouble in look was so apparent that it could not be eliminated. They just wish to have a procedure. In addition, women take pride in their ventures, despite the fact that others have a clear presence of medical intervention on the face causing only a meticulous pity: “They paid cash for the operation, they desire it to be seen, because they think that this is an effective investment”,– discusses the loss of sight of the “silicone” women Igor Poperechny. Nevertheless, some ladies do not simply want to have an operation to end up being stunning, yet make sure that they have a certain issue (wrong shape of the nose, ears, complete hips)– as well as it must be gotten rid of.

Cut the fat?. One of the major issues of the look of the SHE viewers is thought about to be excess weight. Exactly how to manage it is written-rewritten: well balanced nutrition, typical part size, work on tensions and a gym. However, regrettably, some parts of the body do not lend themselves to anything: “There are supposed fat catches, as an example, a riding breeches location, where deposits can not be quickly removed,” the plastic surgeon states. Typically individuals simply feel sorry for the time and also money, as well as weight loss programs can set you back more than surgery (liposuction of the abdomen with pumping more than two litres of fat will certainly cost about 25,000 rubles in Novosibirsk clinics). They choose to just cut off the fat, and exactly how much is psychologically proper, everyone determines for himself.

Instead of cotton woollen

The most regular plastic interventions in a healthy and balanced body are still procedures to increase the dimension of the bust. They are done, according to Igor Transverse, only in order to stand out. In comparison with the issues that come with the introduction of a silicone implant into the mammary gland, the need to synthetically become more noticeable (not always much more attractive) might appear very debatable. Signs– asymmetry of the breast, extremely little size– the psycho therapist does not consider vital: “There are merely no excellent or symmetrical people.” If you treat love as a feeling of commitment and also spiritual affection, and not just sex and also body profession, you can believe that a person who loves you perceives the body specifically as it is, as well as can be annoyed by a phony.

Half a life time on a horse, or I can not hear you. The

procedures to remedy the curvature and elongation of the legs, “long and also aggressive,” according to the doctor Panova, are typically made with the goal of protecting against arthrosis of the knee joint, and also at the same time the issue is fixed with elegance. They are turned to occasionally, yet the improvement of lop-earedness is a concern that the gorgeous heads frequently tear from their childhood.

Relatively harmless procedure is not so easy: “A cosmetic surgeon should have a great deal of experience, he needs to recognize well, as a result of what ears stick out as well as what exactly requires to be dealt with.”

As for hearing troubles that might emerge after surgical procedure, it is a misconception– the internal ear is not harmed. The procedure to get rid of the curvature of the nose is frequently gone along with by the elimination of otoloringheskih conditions, however commonly generated merely since the girl is extremely interfered with by a hump. Anna Akhmatova, proprietor of the eagle profile, not only did not really feel embarrassed concerning him, but even posed so that he ended up being visible.

And also was taken into consideration among one of the most beautiful ladies. Perhaps the truth is that the internal beauty of an individual always ennobles any kind of characteristics, in addition to the other way around. ” I understand women who prima facie seemed simply ugly animals,” says Igor Poperechny. — Mouth to the ears, big jawbones, nose with a damage, yet at the exact same time– the really charm.

Enchanting lady, not fixated on the outside, a great friend– males are drawn to her, they appreciate her and also admire her. These are not words– this is truth. “.

And also the exact same nose can be visually lowered with a bangs to the eyebrows, the ears– curls, and bent legs– broad trousers or skirts.

The desire of individuals to consider the solutions of cosmetic surgery has actually lately been expanding as well as is not going to stop– success today is associated specifically with young people as well as clear criteria of look. Perhaps, quickly they will certainly discover how to make plastic on the hands as well as neck, and after that the age of a person will certainly be merely impossible to acknowledge. Does this mean regard for people to themselves, not regarding narcissism, yet respect? ”

The alteration of appearance– it’s like turning the Siberian rivers back,– summarize the psycho therapist Igor Poperechny. — It coincides disaster that happens psychological of individuals who are trying to change themselves. Nature penalizes them with an absence of regular interaction, since if a person attempts to expose themselves not as they actually are, people start to presume that they are being deceived. On top of that, whatever synthetic can be seen right away, as well as the individuality of this decreases. “

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