One of the most renowned minutes that defined 2019

As the year wanes and also we prepare to get in a new decade, we’ve reflected on all the renowned moments that shaped every meme and heading, every supper party conversation and also office chinwag.

From the separations as well as make-ups, to fluctuate (quite literally– Gemma Collins on Dancing on Ice, anybody?) of our preferred stars, 2019 has actually provided the entertainment in spades.2019 may have been the year of significant political angst and the climate adjustment crisis, however let’s not forget it additionally brought us Wagatha Christie, Fleabag’s Hot Priest and also Fyre Festival’s Andy King. Scroll down for … GLAMOUR’s edit of 2019’s year-defining moments.

And yes, that was an intentional nod to Wagatha Christie, our favorite of them all. Wagatha Christie When Coleen Rooney came to be a modern day Poirot as well as outed fellow WAG Rebecca Vardy

for leaking phony information to the press. The very best part? The onslaught of memes that had the nation wailing for weeks. In order to see this embed, you must give consent to

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. Open my cookie choices. Andy King, Fyre Festival When Andy King, the producer behind Fyre Festival, inadvertently became a viral meme. The inadequate man went viral after disclosing how much he wanted to go

to make the doomed celebration a success. In order to see this embed, you must offer grant Social Media cookies. Open my cookie choices. The Jordyn Woods / Tristan Thompson legend When Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian’s

friend Jordyn Woods served the supreme act of dishonesty when she talked to Khloe’s partner. Her Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith had the entire office gathered round a computer display. In order to see this embed, you have to provide grant Social Media cookies. Open my cookie preferences. Fleabag’s Hot Priest The

final episode of Fleabag aired on the 7th of April and also jointly our hearts broke( PLEASE bring it back, Phoebe).
Perhaps our biggest crush of 2019 was Andrew Scott playing the ‘Hot Priest ‘– there’s no person even more inaccessible than a man of God, as well as it turned us all absolutely bonkers.

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