The essential aspect of the ladies’s closet has ended up being an essential accessory

Pantyhose as well as stockings– a necessary, yet not a vital device, we utilized to believe. Yes, not also an accessory, therefore is a necessity.

However the podiums dictate a various viewpoint– versus the background of the basic wish for minimalism pantyhose all of a sudden played the very first violin– currently they are not gotten to clothing, and also garments– to them. Amazing shades, fantastic texture, non-standard mixes are qualities of classy tights this fall as well as winter. Details– below.

Initially, stockings (pantyhose has actually not yet been created) became part of the males’s wardrobe. And they used only the fortunate strata of the population– as an example, the Spanish court handed as a gift to the English king Henry VIII Bluebeard a pair of hand-tied stockings, than the majesty was flatteringly flattered. For a long time, they were knitted by hand or sewed from silk, while in England in 1589, the master of theology, William Lee, did not create a knitting machine.

Fastened stockings over or under the knees bows. The Marquise Pompadour presented fashion right into lacy white stockings. The look in the XIX century of men’s pants takes stockings from the collection of the solid half of humankind, as well as the stunning started to pay even more interest to them– the skirts ended up being much shorter. When they ended up being exceptionally brief– in the 60s of the last century underwears merged with stockings right into one,– as well as pantyhose showed up. Perhaps

The necessary element of the women's wardrobe has become an important accessory

For a very long time, the only shade acceptable for leggings was a flesh-colored one. Black criticized for extreme eroticism, as well as the holders of black pantyhose or stockings immediately rated as liquified. Although in the 60’s in Europe, the most daring classy females put on tights of brilliant, “acid” shades, integrated with mini-dresses that were after that in style.

History repeats itself, although currently it is not just fashion and not a lot mini, however strictness and minimalism, which are recommended to be expanded with devices– such as brilliant leggings.

” Dense opaque pantyhose– have to have this season,– claims Svetlana Zubova, dealer, Marmalato. ” This fall they are electric, saturated purple, succulent orange or matte white.”

On top of that, still in fashion are pantyhose with ornament. ” On the traditional history– from white to black with stops on off-white shades– a pattern is applied,” says Irina Arzamasova, the leading supervisor of the Pelican branded retail chain. — Today the belle epoque instructions is specifically popular– smooth flowery flower ornaments and English– rhombuses, a cage. ”

With respect to the top quality of the product, then, except for a smooth surface area– shiny or matte( the second is much more better– it’s fashionable), developers think of a range of variants.” Pantyhose can be smooth or, on the other hand, textured: with pigtails, red stripes,” continues Svetlana Zubova.” There are prominent openwork, all sort of mesh, which is relevant, although that it has actually ended up being fashionable for a number of seasons earlier,

” Irina Arzamasova contributes to the tale concerning the appearance. — Well, it’s not a key that the fashion for the product of this or that top quality depends upon the season– autumn-winter models are produced with the enhancement of microfiber, cotton and wool, which provides unique soft qualities, however likewise density. ” It must be added that a warmer version of leggings just resembles the net on a uniform and dense surface area.

Tights-fashion, Pelican– from 150 to 500 rubles.Dense tinted
tights, “Rossita”– from 250 to 500 rubles.Tights with accessory,” Rossita “– from 200 to 500 rubles.Trousers-trousers, Benetton– 1260 rub.

Bright or formed leggings look terrific on the legs, but they

also require to be integrated with the remainder of the clothes! It is very essential not to be misinterpreted here– the danger of clothing tastelessly is really excellent, yet it amounts an ideal feeling of style with the appropriate choice of going along with clothing.” An unique appeal is leggings of the very same color with footwear,” Svetlana Zubova assures.– There are two versions of an outfit for such leggings: the initial is a dress-sweater or a complimentary dress-shirt, and the second is a short skirt plus boots.

Incidentally, they are used not only with boots, yet, a lot more ideally, with footwear and also ankle boots.” Yes, do not be shocked: tight leggings in the hem can securely be worn in the workplace with open high-heeled shoes. In some stores there wonder trousers that fit so securely that they can be puzzled with breeches:” Such trousers of saturated colors or black are ideal for using with skirts and also gowns of various lengths, especially with shorts,

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