The Non Skiing Mom’s Guide to a Ski Vacation at Panorama Mountain Resort

I got to the bottom of the hill after my first run, took off my skis and walked back to the rental shop.

Is everything alright, they asked? Yup, I replied, no issues with the gear, I’m just done. For the day? But you’ve only been gone an hour…

Nope. I’m done for good.

And it’s true, I really am done skiing. It’s simply not for me, which makes me sad, but since my kids can ski circles around me and adore it, I consider my work here complete.

Panorama Mountain Resort Chairlift Photo Credit Melissa Vroon


How does one continue to enjoy ski trips with their family when they refuse to hurtle down the mountain ever again?


Ski resorts have gone through a transformation over the last decade to cater to everyone that comes to the hill and all their interests. From custom lodges, high-end dining options, hot tubs, spas, shopping, and more, you don’t need to ski to have a good time.

And you can have the full-bore Canadian winter experience at Panorama Mountain Resort without ever strapping boards to your pegs.

Panorama Mountain Resort Photo Credit Voula Martin

Panorama Mountain Resort Photo Credit Voula Martin

Intent on doing winter sports?

Bring ice skates or rent a pair from Mountain Outfitters and glide along the cute outdoor skating pond in the upper village. The brilliant views are the perfect accompaniment to some non-strenuous gliding along the ice.

Another slow-paced way to revel in the crisp mountain air and blazing sunshine is to take a walk through the forest, treading softly over the snow with snowshoes. Day access to the snowshoe trails is available for a fee or to arrange a tour.

Cross country skiing – ok, fine, there are still longboards attached to your feet, but also no lifts to fall off, no steep hills to freak you out and no narrow turns. You can drift along the Nordic tracks at your own pace, enjoying nature in a non-lethal manner. For a small fee, you can access more than 20 km of Panorama’s groomed Nordic trails.

Do you want to go faster? The new big thing in cycling is Fat Tire Bikes. I can’t even type that without paraphrasing Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls so let these bikes rock your world. Bring your own or rent from the Panorama Ski Cabin and explore the roads or Nordic trails around the resort.

Panorama Mountain Resort Summit Hut Photo Credit Melissa Vroon

Panorama Mountain Resort Summit Hut Photo Credit Melissa Vroon

When you’ve had enough of being active, feed your tummy and your soul!

Because you’re on vacation, check out the Candy Cabin before setting your kids loose in there, and you’ll get first dibs on all the sour candies you can handle

Enjoy Fondue at several different locations. The Summit Hut is literally the pinnacle, but since I can’t get down, I will head over to Choppers Landing, at the nearby RK Heliplex. Sit around a big ole wood fireplace and share either hot stone or fondue with your loved ones.

Or if you’re less averse to skiing than I, the Mile 1 Hut Fondue, located at the top of the Mile One Express chairlift is a good compromise because melted Swiss Cheese and chocolate fondue are worth the effort.

If you’re already on the hill, you can catch Snowlicious, the new Snow Cat-Food Truck prowling the mountain, serving up yummy grab and go treats like burritos and beverages.

Do you like buffet breakfasts, cosy dining rooms, friendly patios and wicked Canadian wine lists? Hit up Restaurant elevenFIFTY! Right in the heart of the village, it’s easy to get to from the slopes, accommodations and village gondola.

Visiting in March? The High Notes Music Festival is a fabulous, family-friendly celebration of Canadian music of all genres including blues, rock, folk, pop and country featuring musicians from coast to coast. Some of the shows are free, others are ticketed, but all are a good time.

Panorama Mountain Resort Village Stage Photo Credit Voula Martin

Panorama Mountain Resort Village Stage Photo Credit Voula Martin

Relax, relax, relax.

It’s not a ski trip or even a non-ski trip without a dip in a hot pool. Panorama has that covered! The Panorama Springs pool is invitingly warm all winter along with two hot tubs and a sauna. Visit in the summer, and there is also a large, cooler outdoor pool, a splash pad for the littlest kids and two waterslides.

There are also numerous hot tubs throughout the other accommodations accessible only to guests staying in those specific buildings.

One of the best things about Panorama for this newly non-skiing parent is the Ski in-Ski Out accommodations. There is nothing better than sleeping in than having a leisurely breakfast before hitting the slopes, reading a book and catnapping on the couch after lunch or nipping into the condo for a snack. Stay close to your family by staying on the hill.

While you can book accommodations at some of the on-site properties through home-sharing like HomeAway and Airbnb, booking directly through the Panorama website has several benefits including more choice, discounts on lift tickets and 24/7 customer service.

Panorama Mountain Resort Photo Credit Melissa Vroon

Get as little or as much space as you need, plus full kitchens in resort properties 1-bedroom suites with pullout couches, two bedrooms with split kings and pull out sofas, or a tricked out multi-level 3-bedroom townhouse with three bathrooms and a washer dryer.

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