The Queen’s Gambit: How to Dress Like Grandmaster and also ’60s Babe Beth Harmon

Beth’s wardrobe has a really distinct shade palette. She wears black, white, gem tones, pastels, as well as inspect prints, with a pop of a primary like red or yellow every so often.

You’ll locate Beth wearing A-line silhouettes– tops with Peter Pan collars, boatnecks, as well as sweetie neck lines, detailed with switches and bows.

You do not need to like chess to fall for Beth Harmon’s captivating brilliant, which frequently dawns in her slick individual design. The chess natural born player as well as ’60s infant, played by Anya Taylor-Joy on The Queen’s Gambit, has a mind that’s only matched by her fashion feeling. Beth’s classic wardrobe, created by French costumer Gabriele Binder, was motivated by Audrey Hepburn and also Edie Sedgwick, and also we’re showing you just how to dress like the grandmaster herself in 2020.

The chess champ is more likely to be seen in outfits and also high-waisted mini or midi skirts, yet she’ll sometimes shake a chino trouser with a huge sweatshirt throughout the chillier months. In the winter, her trademark outerwear is a button-front wool topcoat to match her beret and also handwear covers, while a traditional black, high-neck fitted coat is a wardrobe staple.

“As Beth develops, her style adjustments with brand-new experiences and locations she travels to. Her early design is influenced by Jean Seberg, Audrey Hepburn, and Natalie Wood, among others,” Gabriele informed POPSUGAR. “Beth’s looks grow even more sophisticated in Paris and Moscow, where we took influence from the French New Wave. We took a look at Romy Schneider as well as Juliette Gréco and movies like Contempt as well as Breathless. If you watch them currently, they still have something very modern-day and also motivational about them, style sensible.”

Gabriele has a great eye for ’60s-inspired items that are really ageless. Also Beth’s collection of activewear, swimsuit, and loungewear would certainly be inspirational and fresh if worn today.

For tennis, she puts on a classic white appearance with a collared t-shirt as well as navy pleated skirt; for an evening swim, she wears a gingham one-piece swimwear and also teddy-textured bathrobe; for staying home, she wears a lace-trimmed slip gown or worked with collection as well as an oversize pastel cardigan. To complete Beth’s appearances, attempt matching these attires with kittycat heels, loafers, or Mary Jane shoes; cat-eye sunglasses; and headscarf hair accessories.

Ahead, shop the important items and also styling tips for emulating Beth’s ’60s-passionate closet.

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