The recipe of youth

In the springtime I specifically intend to look young and also gorgeous, however how to achieve this without agonizing shots and surgeries?

Modern cosmetology is ready to address this question. Radiofrequency training has overcome Europe and also America and is coming to be a lot more prominent in Russia. What is the secret of the invigorating power of superhigh frequency?

Up until recently, when speaking about non-invasive approaches of rejuvenation, specialists constantly contrasted them to a surgical lift-as with a visual requirement that could renew a woman for a number of years. With the arrival of RF-methods the circumstance is changing. Radiofrequency training is a procedure that is not just equivalent to a plastic operation, yet in particular areas it is significantly superior to it.

Reference:Radiofrequency training came to cosmetology from medicine. Radiofrequency waves (MOTOR HOME) were first used in medicine in 1905 by the Czech physician Zeynek. For more than 100 years, RVs have actually been used to deal with joints as well as muscle mass, which permits us to talk about all the delayed effects of this strategy. Because 2004, in Europe and the USA, superhigh frequency waves in cosmetology are proactively made use of.

The normal lifting is the excision of excess skin as well as ensuring its even more limited fit to the muscle mass. Radio waves proactively affect all indications of skin aging, consisting of the hypodermal layer: creases of all kinds (simulate, structural and chrono– absence of complexion, numerous drooping as well as folds, bigger pores).

Thus, a person after a radiofrequency lift is not just an individual with a mechanically stretched skin, this is a smooth face of an absolutely revitalized types as a result of the created collagen matrix (what gives youths the difference). Additionally, radiofrequency training helps restore all skin functions, improve trophism of cells, which makes it possible to prolong the outcome as a result of natural resources of the body. The skin, as it were, obtains a new effective motivation to regeneration and rejuvenation.

The procedure, caused by procedures of radiofrequency training, goes on the most effective way from all possible.

Namely, RF-lifting makes the skin cells “really feel” young and “act” as necessary– individually produce as much collagen as well as elastin as needed to maintain the skin fresh and also flexible.

Radiofrequency energy triggers the fibers of collagen and elastin to small as well as contract. Accordingly, the skin is pulled from the inside, creases are smoothed, flabbiness and also sagging disappear.

Bipolar or monopolar?

There are 2 main types of gadgets for RF lifting– monopolar and also bipolar. Superhigh frequency exert their influence between the active as well as passive electrodes. Normally, a passive electrode is put next to the zone on which the treatment is done. In the case of bipolar (tripolar, sympolar) RF training, the second electrode is incorporated right into the manipulation itself, which is affected.

There is no requirement to place it under the body. Thus, the RF power will just act under the adjustment zone. It can be seen from the numbers that with a monopolar technique, the impact will be deeper, as well as with a bipolar method, the result will be much more shallow.

It is currently well known that the monopolar approach has a much deeper result and is much more efficient.

To be worried, that at treatments on face RF will certainly pass through too deeply, it is not needed. All currents move along the path of least resistance, i.e. RF energy will just impact the dermis. This appears from the thermal result.

The hair salon of modern hardware cosmetology “Aurora” works with the monopolar Italian device Beauty RF.

How long does the wonder effect last? In numerous methods, the “refine potential”depends on the interior state of your body (this, nonetheless, puts on the period of the effect after cosmetic surgery). The training course is generally developed for 8 treatments with a period of 5-7 days. The warming stimulates the dermis cells, triggering the energetic manufacturing of new collagen and elastin fibers.

Thus, the process of restoration continues for another half a year after the training course of treatments. And afterwards a minimum of a year you can take pleasure in the outcome.

The appearance of the procedure supplies a minimum of contraindications, the absence of a recovery duration, the comfort of the procedure. Has no seasonal restrictions.

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