The three most prominent means to fight unwanted hair and their feasible repercussions

With the arrival of springtime, even those girls that advocate for simplicity, think about ways to remove among its vivid manifestations– vegetation on the body.

As well as although the producers of cutting devices and also epilators each season exist with new finishes as well as nozzles, ensuring that this time around every little thing will certainly be different, a distinct means to battle hair on the body, is still not discovered. The reporter considered one of the most common methods of getting rid of hair from the setting of cost, impact and unfavorable repercussions.

According to a survey conducted on SHE, 61% of the viewers do away with hair making use of a cutting machine, in second area the epilator– it was preferred by 21%, 6% waxed, practically 5% of lucky ones declared that they do not have excess hair, regarding 4% use hanker depilation as well as 2% selected for themselves image and laser hair elimination.

1. Cutting maker

Cost: The appeal of the shaving device is largely pertaining to this– in comparison with the purchase of a trip as well as the epilator to the cabin, the maker considerably wins. Typically, a multiple-use shaving equipment of a popular manufacturer will cost 160-370 rubles, one-time shaving is much cheaper.

Time: 5-10 minutes. An additional plus in favor of the device.

Feeling:It does not harmed. The only thing that can cause unpleasant sensations is arbitrary cuts, but this can occur either if your device is originally of poor quality, or when it’s time to transform the blade.

Effect: 1-2 days. The weakest place is with a razor. At the exact same time, there is a sensation that with each hair there is even more hair. “The razor promotes hair growth,” validates Elena Shcheglova, a cosmetologist at the Elena clinic. “It’s sufficient to recall the male stubble– men constantly shave as well as the hair comes to be thicker as well as thicker.” Yet it deserves keeping in mind that the trouble of in-grown hair is practically unidentified to those that make use of a razor, as hair quickly appears, they do not have time to transform the instructions of growth.

Minuses:In enhancement to a substantial lack in the form of instantaneously expanded hair, shaving often comes with irritation.

“The razor is one of the most traumatic means of combating hair, there are extra possibilities of joining an additional infection, that’s why there is likely to be inflammation, warns Elena Feoktistova, dermatologist at the clinical facility “Zdravitsa”.”If an individual deals with persistent skin diseases– psoriasis, dermatitis, then they can become worse.” In this case, according to the skin specialist, the

name of the producer impacts not only the rate– better slip, unique finishes brought in by famous brand names, less frequently cause irritability contrasted to the production of nameless producers. Areas: The razor can eliminate hair in any zone, yet all the interviewed experts have actually adversely talked about this technique. Just Elena Feoktistova noted the area of axillary clinical depressions: “This part of the body is rather excruciating, and also those that have actually long been utilizing wax as well as epilator in various other locations, the epilation of the axillary dental caries is frequently not solved. Consequently, the equipment is far better– it’s a really delicate location. “

2. Epilator

Cost:According to the vendors of the Eldorado store, the rate of the epilator varies from 879 to 6699 rubles. Frequently, the models are bought at a price of 2200-2300 rubles. In addition to massage therapy rollers and ceramic tweezers, many thanks to which, according to manufacturers, epilation is much less uncomfortable as well as much more qualitative, uniqueness are made use of– models that can be used without leaving the bathroom. “The price category depends upon what nozzles are consisted of, inquire about the presence of massage rollers, lighting and cooling handwear covers,” the seller claims. — Recently, epilators are popular, which can be made use of in the shower. ”

Time: This is absolutely not a specific technique– depending on the area selected for epilation as well as pain limit you will spend 20-30 minutes.

Feel:Call the procedure painless, the tongue does not transform, even if you have actually been using the epilator for years. “The epilator is very uncomfortable, the discomfort is large. Certainly, massage therapy rollers, cooling mittens decrease pain, yet it all relies on private pain resistance, “states Elena Shcheglova, a cosmetologist at the Elena Clinic. Natalia Troyanova, a cosmetologist at the Medical Club, agrees with her: “Home epilator is a agonizing as well as laborious technique, not appropriate for everybody.”

Impact: 2-3 weeks. The most patient receive a benefit– for half a month you can ignore excess greenery.

Minuses:Two weeks of delight can be outweighed by ingrown hairs. “We tear our hair versus the instructions of their development. And also when a new hair starts to show up from under the skin, it can change direction, “- discusses Natalia Troyanova. To prevent such problems, specialists suggest utilizing scrub three days after epilation, and if the trouble of ingrown hair is acute, it is better to go through the skin every 3 days with a tight washcloth.

On top of that, experts keep in mind the problem of great hair– their epilator can not “observe” in any way. This does not mean that you need to attack your hair the following day.

“I had people that came to fanaticism– everyday I utilized a depilator. As a result, they featured serious complications, dermatitis, approximately dermatitis, “Elena Feoktistova shares awful stories from practice.

Areas: It’s ideal to use this wonder strategy in the leg location. To surrender the tearing of the zone of bikini and underarms are resolved only one of the most daring.

3. Wax epilation

Rate: Epilation in the cabin will set you back 350-650 rubles per shin, 230-450 rubles. for the underarms and 500-700 rubles. for the swimwear line, a deep swimsuit will be more pricey– 1000-1500 rubles. The availability of specialist cosmetics in open door allows you to conserve money. As informed in the store “Heitak”, girls acquire wax in canisters (400 g)– 400 rubles., Which is utilized in the type of special strips, and wax, which should be heated,– 110 rubles. for a cartridge (it will certainly be enough for legs, and still accessible it will certainly stay), and even instead costly wax-ups– 1400 rbl.

Time: Get rid of the hair approximately the shins with the necessary skill as well as without taking into consideration the time of warming the wax can be in 20-30 mins.

Feel:It hurts. If you have an interest in the nature of discomfort contrasted to the epilator, it is different– the discomfort is brief, lasts only at the time of removal as well as rapidly passes. According to Elena Shcheglova, in this instance it is important to consider the cycle: throughout the very first 10 days after menstrual cycle, the discomfort is a lot less felt.

Result: 2-4 weeks. And also experts assure, that at the normal method in some places hair can stop to grow absolutely.

Minuses:According to all professionals, after waxing hair can expand, yet it takes place much less often. “This is the most mild sort of hair removal, after it I see the least complications,” admits the skin doctor Elena Feoktistova, but recalls the prep work of the skin and also using scrubs. When it comes to varicose blood vessels, this is just one of the negative elements, and anxiousness is an extra factor to seek advice from a doctor.

Areas: Wax appropriates for any area, yet experts do not strongly suggest doing a deep bikini yourself.

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