The very best shapewear pieces to add to your underwear drawer, if you’re in the shapewear “pro” camp

While shapewear may well be a contentious issue with several people regarding its very nature – that is, tweaking ourselves into an alternate form – problematic, at GLAMOUR HQ we are firmly of the opinion that feminism is all about choice.

It goes without saying that no one should squeeze themselves into lycra because of the pressures to look a certain way in society, but we appreciate having the option of smoothing the surface beneath a silk slip dress ourselves and, if you do too, then you’re in the right place. There are multiple reasons as to why solutionwear is something we reach for, but it should always be empowering

There’s another possible reason for the shapewear frenzy, too: Kim Kardashian. SKIMS (the “solutionwear” brand that she founded back in 2017) became available to shop in the UK for the first time ever in 2020, and the internet went wild. So much so that a tonne of pieces – like the popular sculpting shorts and bodysuits – sold out within an instant. Hardly a surprise, considering she has an impressive Instagram following of 189 million people and the pieces start from just £36.

Shapewear nowadays is designed with every body and skin tone in mind – something we love. There are tons of different tonal hues available across various brands, and most of them are available in sizes from XXS to 5XL. Far from frumpy or old-fashioned, shapewear encompasses everything from cami tops and thongs to full blown bodies, slip dresses and high-waisted shorts which are all designed to flatter every curve, make you feel confident and follow your natural figure. Everyone should own one piece of shapewear.

Best shapewear at a glance (according to what our readers are buying):
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Heist The Outer Shaping Bodysuit

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Sculpting Bodysuit Mid Thigh with Open Gusset

If you’re still sceptical, note that shapewear has come a long way from being an embarrassing secret for the body conscious. In fact, if you’ve ever worn shapewear before, you’ll know that a good piece can really make you feel as though you’ve hit the lingerie jackpot. 

In celebration of self love, we’ve made an edit of the very best shapewear around (and, no, there are none of those ‘waist-training’ corsets). Alongside Kim’s wonder-working pieces and vast size range, you’ll find the best from retailers like M&S, Spanx and more. Just please remember that everyone – and we mean everyone – has insecurities. These differences are what makes you you, and what makes your friend your friend, your mum your mum, and your sister your sister. And you wouldn’t expect them to conform to body standards if it made them uncomfortable, would you? It’s all about making yourself feel your most confident, in the same way a flash of red lipstick or a bleached-root touch-up would. And we all know they’re not natural looks either.

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