The Way You Sleep Says a Lot More About Your Personality Than You May Realize

When you’re shutting your eyes and also hitting your pillow, you’re most likely not offering much idea concerning the position in which you really go to sleep or remain asleep throughout the evening.

Naturally, you’re not awake to know whether you start on your side as well as wind up on your belly or vice versa, and unless you copulate a companion who likes reporting back on your every night moves, you’re possibly unaware.

Think regarding it momentarily, though. When you climb up right into bed to sleep in the first place or wake up in the center of the evening for whatever factor, are you always in the same setting? Right here’s why you might want to pay even more attention: your sleeping position can actually say a bit concerning that you are and also what your character is like.

“How we sleep discloses important elements about our character, however it’s not a cut and also dry science, with significant overlap of resting settings amongst numerous characters,” claimed Dr. Robert Glatter, MD, an assistant professor of emergency medication at Northwell Health and attending emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital.

It makes feeling when you assume about it. “Body language while asleep typically reveals numerous aspects of our deep internal personalities, including our self-image and our concerns, as well as our core ideas as well as external wish,” Glatter claimed.

Based on Glatter’s experience with people, he often tends to locate these personality traits and also sleeping patterns to pair up throughout the board. “I find that more oftentimes than not, their resting placements are a good suit to their individualities as well as general behavior,” he claimed.

“Most individuals do not transform their resting placements throughout their lives. The setting we choose to go to sleep in advertises security as well as inner convenience and also assists us to feel solid and safe as we end our day,” he included. Keep checking out for his understanding on what your resting placement states regarding you.


“The fetal sleeping setting is normally one of the most common resting placement,” he claimed. “Fetal sleepers sleep on their side, curled up with their knees embeded,” he described.

People who sleep in this setting may be a lot more withdrawn or closed up in nature to secure themselves, Glatter claimed. “People who sleep in the fetal position are frequently rather delicate as well as typically withdrawn or reluctant. They are often rather distressed and also might obtain stalled carefully,” he discussed, as well as he said he typically notifications the link when talking to his patients. What’s even more, these fetal sleepers often fret excessively over minor information, he stated, so they’ll require a few other ways to de-stress beyond slumber, like yoga exercise, meditation, or exercise.


“The log sleeper rests on the side with a straight body and also limbs kept at the sides,” Dr. Glatter said. Excellent news: these sleepers are usually extra comfortable, unlike those fetal-position sleepers.

“These sleepers are commonly relaxed as well as laid-back, but also can be rather trustful sometimes,” he stated, “based on research by Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK’s Sleep Assessment as well as Advisory Service, whose work helps to support the idea that sleeping setting shows up to draw strong relationships regarding our personality type throughout our waking hours.”

If you’re a log sleeper, you might intend to remember that it’s good to be easy-going as well as less stressed generally, yet don’t be so fast to go with the flow whatsoever times.


“Yearner sleepers are primarily side sleepers that extend both arms out in front of themselves as if they are yearning or grasping for something,” Dr. Glatter clarified. You can think of this as a demand or desire for something, therefore connecting to take hold is an all-natural propensity. While yearners may evaluate pros as well as disadvantages for their needs and might act slower than others, they are positive in their choices once all is sorted out. “They frequently take a while to make a decision, but are steadfast once they have actually made up the their mind,” he claimed.


“Soldier sleepers usually lay on their backs with both arms near their sides,” he claimed. “In basic, they are the strong yet quiet kind. They are generally booked and also do not such as to make waves,” he stated.

They can also put the pressure on. “They can be quite rigorous and also requiring of themselves in addition to others,” he added.


“Freefallers push their stomaches with their hands surrounding their pillows, and they normally turn their head to one side,” he said. Nonetheless, it’s not the healthiest placement to sleep in, despite personality type. “This mode of sleeping is generally quite uneasy because of the neck being revolved as well as expanded,” he clarified.

“Freefallers yearn to be in control, however actually really feel that their life is typically drawing out of control at times. Therefore they often awake with anxiousness,” he included, which has actually also been reported in his experience with people. To help relieve these troubles, try some relaxing music prior to bed or probably a lavender-scented eye mask to relax those nerves.


“People who are starfish sleepers usually rest on their back with both arms encircling their pillow, as if they are in a sit-up setting. In general, they are gregarious as well as really providing, as well as they are generous, based upon Idzikowski’s study,” Dr. Glatter stated.

Simply be warned that keeping that generous nature might come a couple of spells of snores. (Any companions, watch out.) “In general, the starfish and soldier settings are a lot more vulnerable to snoring as well as bad rest top quality,” he said, due to the discomfort as well as possible muscle stress come morning.

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