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This most likely isn’t news to any individual, yet Justin Bieber is an outright babe. Whether he’s looking grimy or clean cut, carrying out shirtless on stage, or simply strolling shirtless down the road, Justin manages to look decrease dead hot in nearly any kind of picture.

His heart might come from Hailey now, yet those abdominal muscles are just as well warm to be anything however public home. Below more than 100 Justin Bieber pics that will have you begging, «Let me love you!»

Time to Learn How to Make Italian Beef! Love Is Blind’s Mark Is Ready to Date Again

The Love Is Blind ending finished with a not-too-surprising break up in between Mark and also Jessica. After being dumped by Jessica, is Mark still solitary currently? Mark’s present relationship condition is unclear, but he’s handled the breakup and also its after-effects with admirable poise (as well as exercise images).

«This was the most effective point that ever took place to me, «he told the New York Post. «Without Jess, there would not be a Mark these days. I actually am glad for Jess and every little thing that we went through, since she challenged me in a lot of various ways. The age gap is a real point, and points that I didn’t understand that I needed to be ready for— she prepared me for that psychologically. I’m so appreciative for that. I wouldn’t do anything various. It taught me a lot of values in terms of how I wish to be, in a connection.»

The one point we do recognize? He as well as Jessica are most definitely not in touch whatsoever. «We have not chatted considering that the Links»>> wedding day,» Mark informed the Post. «I connected at some time— nothing negative, simply to state, like, ‘Hey, I really hope every little thing’s going well, I wish everything’s doing all right.’ I really did not hear back. Yet to me, it’s just sending out love out there. Like, ‘Hey, I hope you’re doing OK.’ And that’s that.»

For the moment, it resembles Mark is single, although we’ll absolutely recognize even more once the Love Is Blind reunion airs on March 5 and also reveals the aftermath of the program (which shot way back in 2018). For now, we’re discussing every feasible clue on social media to see if we can suss out any info— keep reading for our thoughts!

Lauren and Cameron Just Confirmed Their Relationship Status After Love Is Blind Ended

Lauren and also Cameron were definitely among the fan-favorite couples on Love Is Blind— yet are they still together now? Customers reached see their swiftly psychological wedding on the season finale (which recorded back in 2018), and we’ve got excellent news: they’re definitely still wed, as validated by Lauren herself!

«Yes, me and Cameron are still with each other!» Lauren informed Elite Daily after the ending. «Oh my God. We’re so delighted. It’s simply, like, every day we discover more as well as a lot more concerning each various other, as well as we truthfully fall increasingly more crazy with each various other.» Also before the ending, though, we were quite sure these 2 took care of to go the distance. Their social networks accounts appeared to go down plenty of hints that they were still together— maintain reading for a few of the biggest tips they offered us!

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