This At-Home Recipe Only Has 4 Ingredients

To tweak the recipe to your preference, you can even switch the honey for a sugar of choice to make the beverage vegan-friendly or add a dash of vodka for some additional summer season enjoyable.

Maintain reviewing to learn precisely how to make this refreshing drink for on your own in the house all summer long.

Order your favorite recyclable Starbucks cup and prepare to cool down with this copycat Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher recipe if you’re feeling the warm. The sweet drink can be re-created in minutes and also only asks for 4 ingredients: watermelon iced tea, pink lemonade, dried dragonfruit chips, as well as honey.

Yep, I’ll be serving this over a grande cup of ice and appreciating every sip without even leaving the residence.

  1. Ingredients 1/2 cup dried dragonfruit chips 1 packet watermelon iced tea
    1 mug pink lemonade
    1 tablespoon honey
  1. Rehydrate 1/2 cup dried dragonfruit contribute an inch of warm water.
  2. Saturate 1 package watermelon cold tea in 1 cup room-temperature water.
  3. In a sealable cup, add 1 mug pink lemonade to the watermelon cold tea.
  4. Gather the rehydrated dragonfruit chips, together with 1 tbsp honey.
  5. Seal the cup with a cover, as well as tremble to integrate.
  6. Offer over ice, mix, as well as enjoy!
Drinks, Summertime
1 Grande Drink
Total Time
7 mins, 59 seconds

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