This California Couple’s Chipotle Engagement Is More Extra Than A Side Of Guac

What’s much better than obtaining a burrito bowl at Chipotle? Maybe obtaining a burrito bowl and an engagement ring at the fast-casual chain.

That’s what Sacramento local Natalie Neach hopped on July 21 when her longtime guy, Chris Piwinski, shocked her with a proposal.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the high school sweethearts have a history of consuming at the Elk Grove Chipotle in CA. «Anyone that understands us understands we love Chipotle,» stated Piwinski, adding that when they initially beginning dating, he would beg his mama for $20 to take her to their favorite restaurant.

«Basically, Chipotle has been the structure of our relationship for the previous 12 years. We’ve had date nights, battles, breaks up, get-back-togethers, homecoming, Valentine’s … we still consume there a minimum of as soon as a week.»

So, when it came time to propose, he inevitably chose this area was special. Piwinski informed the publication that he acquired a ring back in January, however invested months trying to choose the most effective way to tackle it.

In May, he called the chain’s public connections team to set up the surprise, which came complete with balloons and also a cake with a fondant burrito on top.

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