This Copycat Disney Turkey Leg Recipe Will Immediately Transport You to the Magic Kingdom

Once that’s done, pop the turkey legs in the smoker and also rotate them every once in a while. After regarding 3 hrs, you’ll open the cigarette smoker back up you’ll have a turkey leg suitable for a king.

Don’t be discouraged if the skin of your turkey leg begins to pull back and diminish, though— that just means it’s extremely crispy because the majority of the moisture has left it. Obtain the full dish below!

Among one of the most renowned snacks at the Disney parks are the huge turkey legs. These monstrosities can be located at both Walt Disney World and also Disneyland, and come with a large quantity of smoked meat to chomp at while waiting on a parade or fireworks reveal.

If you’re seeking to bring a little Disney magic (or, you know, taste) right into your residence, making this cherished treat is things to do it. Actually, attempting this turkey leg after it was done quickly brought me back to my youth, going through the Magic Kingdom with my parents as well as sharing a juicy, meaningful treat.

What’s truly crucial when making this imitator Disney dish is the salt water, which permits much more taste to enter the meat without having to place a rub or bbq sauce on it that might burn throughout the cigarette smoking process. You’re going to want to allow the turkey leg sit in the salt water as long as possible, and also for the very best flavor, brining overnight is optimal.


You can use a conventional charcoal or electric cigarette smoker for this dish. Both cigarette smoking techniques will utilize cigarette smoking timber chips, either apple or hickory. Do not neglect to soak your wood chips for at least 30 mins prior to adding them to the cigarette smoker. The wet chips will develop smoke and also include taste to your turkey legs.

  1. Brine:1 gallon water 1 mug salt 1/2 cup brownish sugar 3 tbsps garlic powder 3 tablespoons onion powder
    3 tbsps dried thyme 3 tablespoons dried out sage 1 1/2 tbsps black pepper 1 tsp ground cloves 1 tsp ground allspice 1 tablespoon paprika 1 teaspoon fluid smoke Extra active ingredients:10 turkey legs
  1. Instructions Combine all of
    the brine active ingredients

in a huge pot as well as give a boil. When steaming, remove the heat and add in ice to cool down the salt water down. Once cool, transfer to a cooler or large container and decrease in turkey legs. Allow sit in a great space over night. The following morning, set up your cigarette smoker as you like with charcoal and wet wood chips, orjust wet wood chips. Allow the cigarette smoker heat up to at the very least 275 levels. Prior to including the turkey legs to the smoker, rinse the salt water off of the skin and pat them completely dry.

This will provide a more crispy skin. Place the dried out turkey legs right into the hot smoker and let rest for a minimum of three hrs, inspecting

on them regularly to revolve as well as add even more wet wood chips. When the skin obtains a good dark mahogany shade the turkey legs are done. Remove the cigarette smoker and also consume while hot. Information Category Snacks Return 10 turkey legs Prep Time 12 hours Prepare Time 4 hrs Total Time 15 hours, 59 minutes, 59 secs

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