This is the one error we’re all making when blow-drying our hair

Blow-drying our hair is one of those relatively mundane as well as regular tasks that we’ve been doing for the majority of our lives, and we’re possibly pretty familiar with how we do it.

It’s a little bit like making some salute or sticking a lots of laundry on– we do not offer it much thought.

But equally as we can accidentally melt our salute or diminish that dry-clean-only cashmere jumper, so also can we harm our hair if we remain to blow-dry it absent-mindedly.

Certainly, renowned stylist Michael Van Clarke states that reckless blow-drying is the number-one perpetrator of dry, broken hair amongst his clients.

“One of my customers with incredible, thick, shoulder-length hair was battling with the front areas constantly breaking, splitting, and hanging casino poker straight at the ends,” Michael says. “It really did not make sense to me; her wavy hair was growing so healthy and balanced, yet the front sections would continuously break.

“One day she can be found in and also requested for a big round styling brush, claiming that hers just last 4-5 months prior to they use down and also require replacing. I found that strange as mine last 20 years with daily specialist usage, so I asked her to bring in her old brush for me to see.

“I saw that the big round brush had ended up being a tool round brush due to the fact that she ‘d thawed the stiff nylon bristles to half their size. The clothes dryer was also warm and also resting on the hair with a concentrator nozzle as well– major over-drying. If your hairbrush is dissolving, what do you believe is taking place to your hair?”

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