This lash therapy is SO excellent, you’ll swing buh-bye to your mascara

Last month, I was scrolling through Instagram and also discovered that every person appeared to be sporting long, feathery and full eyelashes.

After a little excavating, I discovered they’re all getting a treatment called LVL from Nouveau Lashes, which is essentially a severe variation of the eyelash perm using extra advanced chemical mixes, followed by a dye job to include depth to the lashes.

Certainly, I reserved in for the therapy * right away * utilizing my BLOW LTD application, which sends a certified therapist directly to your residence for supreme comfort as well as ease.

A bit of backstory; I’ve constantly battled with my natural lashes; they’re short and blonde (I am redhead) as well as without mascara, I can resemble I don’t have any kind of in any way. For that extremely factor, I unconditionally obtain them colored prior to every vacation to make sure that I can go mascara-free on the coastline. With a vacation impending, I couldn’t wait to take my dye-job to brand-new levels with LVL.

Exactly how does a lash lift work?

My LVL specialist described the therapy and also got here. The primary step is applying shields around the eye location to secure the skin and afterwards taping down the lashes to ensure specific application. Then, time for the lifting balm, which boosts a chemical procedure at the root of the eyelash to damage down the disulphate bonds and also allowing them to end up being flexible.

The following step is using the volumising repair gel, which reforms the disulphate bonds into a new, huddled form, and also is what guarantees maximum volume. Finally, a quick color job to amplify the results and also you’re good to go with 6– 8 weeks!

How long does LVL take to do? Altogether, the treatment took 1 hr 30 minutes, which is no bad thing if, like me, you love any kind of justification to shut your eyes and also have a snooze. The results were eye-opening (sorry). I couldn’t believe I didn’t have compose on. It looked like I had a layer of mascara on– minus any globs. My lashes were curled virtually at a right-angle, making them appear twice the size, and the color provided that glossy black finish.

How long do LVL lash lifts last for?

There’s no significant aftercare involved, just that you can’t obtain your lashes wet for 48 hours post-treatment. I mistakenly sprayed one eye in the shower the following day as well as I vow the eyelashes on that particular side weren’t nearly as excellent from that moment on. On the initial week, I didn’t need to put on mascara in all yet by the second week, I was topping it up with a light finishing.

While it claims it lasts 6– 8 weeks, I only experienced an obvious difference for 4, but that might be because the dye diminishes quicker than the perm, and also without the color, my lashes obtain lost, but LVL definitely ticked all packages for barefaced beach elegance and will certainly be a company component in my pre-holiday prep from currently on.

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