This Magical Marauder’s Map Face Mask Changes Colors When You Breathe on It

While the mask isn’t currently offer for sale– perhaps because there’s even more magic behind it than we understand— Hook intends to have a limited variety of the color-changing mask readily available on her website as quickly as May 29.

Keep scrolling to see Hook’s spellbinding mask in action as well as to see how she made it from the very beginning.

I solemnly testify spend all my cash on anything as well as whatever Harry-Potter-related, which includes this handmade Marauder’s Map mask that alters shades when you infuse it.

Colorado-based musician Stefanie Hook made the mask from scratch and also shared a video clip, which currently has more than two million views, of the face mask at work to her TikTok account (@coloradopex). When it reaches a temperature of 82 degress, the mask exposes an amazingly thorough image of the Marauder’s Map when it senses warmth.

Hook, that is a mother of three and also an US Naval Reservist, according to Insider, also owns her very own company called Colorado Pony Express (CPEX). In response to the enhancing need for face masks, Hook has started to market them along with the company’s hand-sewn deluxe toys as well as accessories.

The masks are not medical-grade, yet they are made according to the Center For Disease Control’s stitching instructions with certified cotton fabric, flexible, and also color-changing pigment.

After being subjected to heat, the mask will not fade back to black until it’s exposed to a considerably reduced temperature level. Hook additionally stated the layout placement on these enchanting face treatments differs per mask and can fade after being put on and washed. Still, I ‘d say this creation is pretty wicked, as Ron Weasley puts it.

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