This Oceanic West Hollywood Home Is Filled With Nature-Focused Treasures

Kevin Beer has actually been collecting things of nature for decades. What started as a youth tendency to earn birds‘ nests evolved right into a career-defining hobby for the musician and also interior designer.

Kevin utilizes his bounty of coverings, butterflies, as well as taxidermy in his job, changing the earthly items right into provocative sculptures and unique style items for his West Hollywood house.

Kevin rests beneath doll arm or legs in his workshop. LAURA KLEINHENZ The 1920s Spanish Colonial home is stuffed with Kevin’s idiosyncratic productions and valuables, which include a classic armoire packed with doll heads as well as a bevy of thrifted pictures.

There is no scarcity of visual stimulation, a nautical style acts as a soothing force throughout the eccentric house.” I constantly wanted it to really feel ventilated and also light as well as a little tropical– if not really exotic, “Kevin explains.

The living room is maybe one of the most coastal-inspired space, with white stucco wall surfaces, an abundance of turquoise glass, and also a mantel covered in coral reefs, conches, and a Hadrian bust.

A giant South Pacific clam shell overruning with starfish and also other sea prizes sits in the fireplace, which is flanked by 2 regal French chairs. Over the worn leather Chesterfield hangs a traditional chandelier augmented by crystals, rosary beads, and also red branches.

” It’s intense,” Kevin states of the kitchen.” It’s on the south side of your house that obtains a great deal of light. The thing about Spanish Colonial homes exists actually is not a great deal of wall surface space. They’re all windows and doors.”

“Anything that’s under a glass dome is just an art item that I’ve made,” Kevin says. “I make these periodically, but not so much anymore due to the fact that they take up so much room. That’s why I’m going back to painting, due to the fact that they’re level, and I can keep them quickly.”

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