This Pet Guarding the Family’s Bread Is Proof That Dogs Are F * cking Weird

Four years earlier, Katrina Frank discovered her pet dog, Jakey, had fairly the peculiar behavior: the German Rottweiler liked to stand guard of the family’s … cut bread.

“I would certainly return in the evening and locate her laying by the bread,”Katrina informed POPSUGAR. Yet whereas many pet dogs would certainly tear via product packaging to devour a loaf of bread, Jakey would certainly remain in full-on protective mode, maintaining it risk-free for her proprietors.

“I’m presuming because we utilize it so typically, she believes it is the most important thing in our home,” Katrina claimed.

“If we don’t have bread, she goes on to baked goods.”

Eventually, Katrina noticed that it didn’t matter where she stowed away the family’s bread products– on the counter, in the kitchen, stashed in a breadbox– Jakey would certainly find it and also hide it whenever they left, and also she still does to today. Whenever they come home, Jakey “demands revealing me where it is immediately and also will certainly not leave it up until I select it up,” Katrina claimed.

As well as if their inventory is reduced?

“If we do not have bread, she goes on to baked products,” Katrina said, noting Jakey will secure buns. The 6-year-old canine also opened up a Tupperware of cookies and concealed all 17 of them throughout your house. “She has actually also shielded butter– both stick type and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!”

Jakey’s record for maintaining bread safe is near-perfect, as well.

“She has never ever messed up anything, minus a package of English muffins she when shredded,” Katrina remembered. “She did not consume any– simply tore them to bits. I like to believe she determined they were stale imposter bread little bits.”

Since’s one helluva loyal bread guard dog.

This was last evening when I obtained residence from work. I was wishing it would certainly make The Dodo tale before it appeared, but I was far too late. Evidently the entire primary degree of your home was not safe for carbs yesterday.

Posted by Katrina Frank on Thursday, March 5, 2020

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