This spring, undergarments will certainly be brilliant in shade and also modest in shape

The best women, holding their nose in the wind of fashion, currently understood that the design of American teens as well as their idols, the supposed r ‘n’ b, commonly mockingly equated as abundant attractive, is something that you need to forget as a horrible dream.

Including categorically it is not recommended to use in day-to-day (and also even more so off) clothing one of the bottom lines of the “Harlem” style– brazenly protruding from under the pants of a thong. The bed linen go back to what it is– to the intimate toilet point. Concerning what is put on under the gown as well as also jeans with a reduced waist, no one should be aware, except for whom the young lady regards it essential to demonstrate this. It is preferable– by candlelight.

The reality that underclothing is simply the bottom does not imply that the look of the “internal world” does not matter now. High-end and minimalism are 2 contrary lines, quietly surrounding worldwide of fashion for lingerie.

Simplicity, discreetness, “innocence” as well as convenience of versions are defined by minimalist, young people versions, and the “ladies”, glamorous line is identified by the splendor of the finishes, refinement and highlighted feminineness. Both there and also there are only legislations– fashion patterns problem every person. The displays of the stores of the underwear are stunning as well as bring in the eye– this spring at the optimal of appeal panties of “innocent” form, however sewn from the products really piquant.

The kind

Whatever gynecologists say concerning the threats of strings, this version continues to be the leader. However, the bands are not spruced up as high as in the past. Lots of young ladies realized that a shut body has a much higher appeal than a shamelessly revealed. And a growing number of prominent about this is making use of a less specific model of underwears– shorts.

Natalia Ovchinnikova, supervisor of Milavitsa Trading House, believes that the thongs will certainly not quit their settings: “The thongs are selling extremely well. They have come to be much more open this spring– the waist is really understated. Yet, of course, besides strings, an extra moderate design– shorts– has actually ended up being incredibly popular: it can be located not only in the young people, however likewise in the “woman’s”, the so-called bodice line. ”

Lacy shorts, shades: black, white, blue, 315 rubles., “Milavitsa”

Dina Frigant, the director of a network of stores “Incanto” in Novosibirsk, takes into consideration, that shorts– an optimal design for daily wearing: “Shorts are really hassle-free. Currently discharge panties without joints– they do not stand out under tight clothing, along with thongs, and, unlike the last, are extra comfortable to put on. Erasers on shorts are replaced by silicone strips, so nothing hinders, does not place pressure– panties are really felt practically like a 2nd skin. ”
Openwork shorts, colors: orange, beige, brownish, pistachio, white, and so on, 550 rubles., “Incanto”.

Those that can pass by in between the two models– the bands attract their invisibility from the rear, and also the shorts– with the maximum distance of the frontal component– can quit at the synergy of two forms-gaining popularity of shorts with a narrow strip of material behind.

Shorts-thongs, cotton, pink, 105 rubles., “Incanto”


Dina Frigant: “Modern undergarments can be called moderate only in type, but in implying also small shorts are very lively– for instance, they are made from nearly clear matter, with a significantly underrated waist “.

G-string shorts, colors: lemon, off-white, white, 365 rubles., “Incanto”

If in the winter the royal residence style of bed linen was used, textiles were used heavy, “portier”, then in spring one of the most real materials of underwears differ transparency and coquettish refinement of style.

Natalia Ovchinnikova, “Milavitsa”: “Transparent mesh as well as web with embroidery– strike this springtime. There are interesting versions from flock– stuffed on a grid of velvet. When it comes to the flowers, now it is actual tinted underwear. Incidentally, red color is already enlisted in standards, along with white, beige and black. ”

Taking a look at contemporary collections, it is hard to visualize that as early as the beginning of the twentieth century, tinted bed linen was thought about the elevation of impropriety– it only showed off ladies of uncertain ethical concepts. This spring is especially prominent intense, fresh, saturated shades– lime, pink, orange, blue.

Shorts, setochka with embroidery, eco-friendly and also pink, 555 rubles., “Bustier”
Shorts, setochka with needlework, black and also gold, 428 rubles., “Milavitsa”

If briefly sum up the above, then the fad of the period are light environment-friendly shorts with a mesh and embroidered with pink blossoms. To abandon the traditional black, beige and also white (and also even red) panties still not worth it. Even if no one understands what type of bed linen you are wearing, it stays a secret, dictates your state of mind as well as overviews your detects. So, going to a service meeting, it’s far better not to take the chance of– in pink shoelace shorts, it’s just not feasible to flirt.

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