Thousands of Supporters Will Rock “Chucks as well as Pearls” on Inauguration Day

Group plans to imitate the soon-to-be vice president’s style first began flowing thanks to Facebook page Chucks and also Pearls Day, January 20th, 2021, which presently has more than 75,000 members.

“We love our brand-new VP … We desire ladies from all walks of life to honor her by using Chucks and pearls on Inauguration Day,” the web page description reviews. Now, a day ahead of the election, #ChucksAndTaylors is trending on Twitter as well as we’re already digging with our closets for our preferred pairs.

On Jan. 20, Joe Biden as well as Kamala Harris will be sworn in as president and vice head of state, respectively, of the United States. In honor of Harris’s historic win as the first Black lady and the initial female of South Asian descent to be chosen vice president, thousands of her supporters will commemorate by using her traditional Chuck Taylors as well as a string of pearls on Inauguration Day.

Pearls have been among Harris’s signature devices for years, as well as they hold a special place in her heart. As a former member as well as long-lasting supporter of Alpha Kappa Alpha– a member of the Divine Nine as well as among the oldest traditionally Black sororities in the country– Harris most likely uses the pearls in honor of the sorority’s founders, aka the “Twenty Pearls,” and also to represent uniformity with her sisters.

She has most significantly been spotted wearing the pearls when she was vouched in as an US senator by then-Vice President Biden, when she announced her proposal for United States president, and also throughout her approval speech on Nov. 7.

When it comes to the Converse? According to the vice president-elect’s other half Doug Emhoff, Harris has been shaking sneakers with her clothing for as long as he can remember. “You know, I grew up with Chucks. I simply enjoy them. They’re comfy,” she claimed in a recent meeting with CBS News Sunday Morning, to which Emhoff added, “When I met her, it was Chucks and also pants.”

It’s clear that Harris has some remarkable design game, and also given that the inauguration will certainly be an online occasion this year, putting on Chucks and also pearls in her honor seems like the best method to celebrate as a country while staying at the very least six feet apart.

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