Tip Inside the World’s Highest Private Club, 1,000 Feet Above New York’s Central Park

The insides of the 100th flooring are fluid, though natural. In the lounge, pearl- and sapphire-toned organized furnishings is met with sleek finishes from coffee tables, consoles, as well as a grand piano. Gold accents round out the room, stimulating a contemporary Parisian aesthetic.

Similar themes return in bench area, though this moment to produce a moodier noir theme. Delighting In Art Deco opulence, black and gold insides specify the darker room, while satin-like materiality from bench and a geometric ceiling offer subtle connection from the lounge.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere of traditional, timeless high-end, where each room had its own special feel yet belonged to the higher whole,” Rottet included.

The ambience in Central Park Club is made with all 5 senses in mind as well as structured to develop both throughout the day and as the periods change. Photo: Evan Joseph” Central Park Tower’s 100th flooring is unlike anything else in the world,” claimed Gary Barnett, founder and chairman of Extell Development Company, the company that created Central Park Tower.

To further improve the distinctive experience, the deluxe skyscraper partnered with Colin Cowie, a way of life consultant as well as author, who will certainly work as the structure’s unique way of life manager and event planner.

Cowie took a five-sense strategy when crafting the mood inside the club, consisting of developing developed ambience modifications, consisting of lights that adjust as the sunlight sets, songs that increases in tempo as the day develops, and a rotation of customized seasonal fragrances.

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