TK Maxx employee shares why you should start to shop from the back of the store

TK Maxx can be overwhelming at first glance. Filled with clothes, shoes and accessories that are thrown together in no particular order, it can be difficult to find the good stuff.

However, one former TK Maxx employee has shared that there is method in the madness.

In a new Channel 5 documentary, TK Maxx: How Do They Do It?,  former senior merchandiser Daniel Baker explained why it’s important to head to the back of the store first.

‘A lot of the things people really want they put at the back of the store,’ he said.

Meanwhile, consumer journalist Harry Wallop explained why TK Maxx do this.

‘On the one hand, it’s like a department store,’ he noted.

Picture of TK Maxx store

‘But it’s laid out like a jumble sale. You are looking for some pans and you end up with Himalayan pink salt.’

In a statement for the documentary, TK Maxx said: ‘Some of our merchandise is manufactured for us and some we design.

‘A small percentage is from previous seasons or timeless classics. New deliveries arrive several times a week, containing thousands of items, and our associates display this fast-changing stock typically by size and category-creating the ‘treasure-hunt’ experience our shoppers love.’

Daniel also told viewers that ‘2’ is the ‘exciting’ number to look when hunting a bargain.

‘On any label, you can see a number,’ he explained.

‘The number that is really exciting to a customer is number two because that means it’s genuine stock that was sold at a higher price somewhere else.

‘It’s excess stock or something like that.

‘The real bargains you are looking for are a two and a seven for sure. That’s also part of the treasure hunt when I got into a store as I’m constantly going “oh that’s a type two, that’s a real bargain there”.’

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