Try on a smile

Art repair as well as veneers will certainly assist make your smile tempting. “My God, exactly how ideal this dress gets on you!”. In feedback, you can proudly smile– obviously, because you spent a lot of time attempting to fit and also fit the figure.

And also, of course, it’s doubly a lot more positive to smile when you understand that your smile is likewise worthwhile of a praise.

Today every lady can come to be the owner of a gorgeous smile, just want!With the help of modern innovations, doctors produce wonders: they recreate the damaged teeth, correct their form, tilt, shade, recover the worn side, remove the babble in between the teeth– whatever your heart needs.

Such dental care is called “aesthetic” and is present in the collection of numerous clinics of our city. In fact it would certainly be preferable, that the brand-new smile preferably matched you, that entirely pleased you.

Yes, there is such an unique in Novosibirsk, a sort of dental couture. In the network of centers “Dental-Service”. Two visual treatments– creative remediation as well as veneers– are carried out with “fitting”, the significance of which is as complies with. Throughout the first see, the physician does “fitting reconstructions”, and you can not just see your future smile, however also proactively participate in its development! Entirely anticipate the outcome of the operate at the consultation phase– this is feasible just in facilities “Dental-Service”.

So, what is it– art remediation and also veneers? Let’s understand with each other!

Art Restoration

This technique can correct nearly any kind of aesthetic imperfection: shade, lays out of the tooth, chips. Sometimes it suffices to slightly alter the shape of the incisors, and the smile will certainly become more attractive. In art remediation, a significant function is played by both the professionalism and reliability of the physician and the opportunities of contemporary restoration materials.

Experts of the network of facilities”Dental-Service”offer choice to the material Enamel Plus (Italy). This heliocomposite of the most up to date generation has a big color combination– you can always obtain the outcome you require! As well as thanks to the “chameleon effect”, your new smile will certainly look all-natural both in brilliant sunlight and also in the “acidic” lights of a nightclub.

Predictability of the outcome

Dental-Service makes use of the strategy of the popular Italian dental practitioner Lorenzo Vanini. Initially, from an easy loading product, a brand-new shape of the teeth is developed, and you can approximate how much it represents your concepts concerning the perfect. Make changes and model a smile! And when you make sure that this is exactly what you were dreaming of, the job starts: the design template is made on the received kind and the Enamel Plus material is laminated layer by layer.

Art restoration lasts concerning two hours. Incidentally, it’s quite an enjoyable treatment: lie in a chair and also unwind, and also your smile comes to be prettier prior to your eyes. Generally a re-appointment is scheduled in a week, to make a small correction and ultimately see to it that the smile is best!


In translation from English, veneer indicates “facing, outer gloss”. What are they for– these cladding? In some situations, art restoration is insufficient, and afterwards veneers pertain to the rescue. These are the finest ceramic plates that are connected to the front surface area of the teeth. They do not shed shade and shine, particular for enamel of healthy teeth, are not subject to abrasion, as well as their service life is greater than 10 years.

Knowledge for a lovely smile

With a typical approach of producing veneers, the individual is not a full-fledged “developer” of his own smile, so occasionally the outcome does not satisfy his assumptions. The brand-new unique innovation– the know-how of the popular specialist in the area of visual medicine Dr. Gurel– will certainly allow you to proactively influence the result of the work and also make it definitely predictable. You can see your future smile even before the dental professional’s tool touches your teeth!

At the appointment, the medical professional with the help of loading material makes “suitable veneers”– imitates the shape of future teeth based on your dreams. After that he makes a theme.

At the second reception, the theme is adjusted and changed, and the design of the future veneers is sent out to the research laboratory. Veneers used this method will totally fulfill your assumptions. Hiding all that did not please, veneers permit you to really feel even more certain, more youthful, more appealing. Often they transform not only the smile of an individual, however likewise his entire life!

Satisfied individuals grin regularly than others. With the special visual dentistry “Dental-Service” you will certainly obtain a flawless smile as well as an occasion to share it with others. Possibly this is enough for full happiness?

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