Turban, purchasing and arm band bag

Accessories are add-ons, however in no chance are they an additional component of the photo. Try to put on a daily monophonic dress different bows or hats, various stylishly collections of fashion jewelry, change your purses.

Each day you are assured to look various. Fashion patterns of important enhancements were taken into consideration by the contributor of SE.

On the head of the


Wide, really large, narrow, very slim, plastic, creamy, encased with silk– this summer season the rims have actually come to be securely in vogue. The most popular colors are gold, silver, white and black. The last are used both separately and in an omish combination– white peas on a black background. Go rim nearly everybody who has medium-length hair and below, you can wear not only with loose swirls, however likewise entwining them in a braid or tail.

Bezel– 100 rubles, Marmalato


In Europe, this original headdress strikes records of appeal, in Russia it is worn for the time being only in Moscow, however Novosibirsk is almost to bring the first trial whole lots. In Marmalato weaved bandanas can currently be gotten. True, it is prematurely to use them in the summer– those that exist in the shop, instead autumn hats, stylized as a turban.

“This fall designers have prepared a shock for us– the bandana returned to fashion,

” claimed Svetlana Zubova, merchant of the Marmalato store. — This accessory permits a lady to reveal her uniqueness as well as freedom, completely factor he was always part of the closet of exceptional women. Also in Napoleonic times, the French writer Germain de Stael has actually made the bandana an essential part of its picture. ”

Knitted bandanas– 500-600 rubles, Marmalato

Ribbons The

plaster for the hair has already been assigned by us as the primary trend of the period. It deserves recalling that this accessory is not only flexible, yet also in the kind of silk, satin or chiffon bows, which require to be connected on the back of the neck or a bow on top. The elegance of these tapes is that they can be twisted and also twisted, as fantasy tells, to ensure that one tape changes numerous plasters or edges simultaneously. On top of that, this accessory is extraordinarily womanly and also fits any, also sporting activities style.

Silk and also chiffon ribbons– 450 rubles, Lady


On the coastline, and also in the city on warm days it is preferable to put on headdresses with areas. The most effective alternative is always prominent straw or textile hats. This season one of the most present versions with small areas, round top and really vast unexpectedly black ribbons.

Straw hat– from 520 rubles (sale), Accessorize

In ears

Ring-ear rings are still preferred– both plastic and metal. The bigger the distance of the ring, the much more classy its proprietor.

The highest possible beauty is to wear earrings from two rings connected to each other, hanging down to the shoulder. The shades of plastic are any kind of, most significantly– intense.

You can not do without a white as well as black combination. Well, in peas, certainly. On top of that, “the retro design is now in style– a dark romantic collection of outfit jewelry is incredibly popular,” states Ekaterina Smolkina, supervisor of the Accessorize display room. “A feminine romantic image is produced by the spraying of metal steel as well as black flowers, long jewelry with crystals.”

Jewelry are long– from 150 rubles (sale), Accessorize; rings with gilding– 280 rubles, “sea”, plastic– 175 rubles, Marmalato.

On the neck

As for the beads, besides the above stated nightclub design– big plastic intense accessories, such instructions as country and vintage are very popular. “This summer we sell beads of various colors– from glass, mother-of-pearl, embellished with beads, seeds of exotic plants,” claims Vera Savinykh, director of the shop “Orchids– the world of fashion jewelry”. — In wonderful demand as well as unnaturally “aged” fashion jewelry– brooches, cameos, chains of various dimensions with a variety of pendants. ”

Beads, Czech beads– from 500 rubles, “Orchids– a globe of fashion jewelry”
Beads, plastic– from 250 rubles, Marmalato

In hands

Bags this summer are of 2 kinds: tiny– clutches as well as substantial– purchasing bags, or oversize bags.

Ideal for the initial– light, ideally silvery, made of quilted product, a tiny handbag, which should be worn in the hand, despite the fact that it is affixed to the chain-pen. “Clutches are those bags, without which it will certainly be difficult to handle this season,” Svetlana Zubova makes sure. “Now it’s not only a device for a night out– the clutch plays the function of a classic city bag that you can take with you to a party.”

Clutch– from 800 rubles, Mango The

large bag does not have to resemble an economic one. It can even be used as an accessory for an evening gown, if constructed from silver or gold natural leather or from light suede.

And also on the coastline, this bag is merely irreplaceable. This summer season is preferred transparent plastic bags of bright colors, as well as straw.

Coastline bag, intense fabrics– 460 rubles, “Askania”

On hands

Arm bands are blown, big, of intense plastic– as a whole, nightclub 80’s. With tunics as well as elks look exceptional. “The mood of the entire outfit can change, presumably, such a tiny, however at the same time, considerable device– an arm band,” says Svetlana Zubova from Marmalato. — Today in the favorites bracelets made of metal as well as clear plastic. They are completely incorporated with outfits of neutral tones, as well as with catchy colored outfits. ”

And also the most large bracelets do not need to be worn singly– a number of pieces on one wrist are trendy.

In addition, prominent arm bands, carved from timber, bone, decorative rocks. Substantial, gleaming, they are enhanced with huge rhinestones and also actual mirror fragments.

“Luxurious arm bands are made of matte or crocodile natural leather with large metal buckles, bangles, appeals and also rivets,” proceeds Svetlana. — And for romantic naturals bracelets from shoelace or woven from silk strings and grains will fit. ”

Arm bands, plastic– 100 rubles (sale), wicker– 150 rubles (sell out), Accessorize

They say that when individuals meet they take notice of the lips, eyes and … accessories. It is vital to select them, directed initially of all in their own way, design, appropriate colors, as well as on fashion patterns to pay attention only after you have become persuaded that this device is for you. But still draw to look modern-day. Enhance!

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