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Overcoming the pain and embarrassment, the SHE contributor inspected the result of the wax epilation of the bikini zone

The struggle with undesirable vegetation on the body is carried out by ladies from time long past: Nefertiti still comprehended that without excess hair the skin becomes far more appealing.

She likewise presented a cozy wax right into the collection of hair cleaner, to which females have actually resorted to today. If you think cosmetologists, wax hair elimination can get rid of hair for at the very least 2 to 3 weeks. On top of that, with routine procedures the hairs guarantee to end up being thinner and also much less frequent, and also pain– much less.

What establishes the result and exactly how the experiences transform from time to time with the so-called complete deep swimsuit, the correspondent of SE checked herself.

Reference: Epilation of an intimate area called “full deep swimwear” indicates that after the treatment in this very intimate area of the hair does not stay in all: neither strips, nor triangles– nothing. And also as in available, and also not obtainable to a view places (unlike merely “a deep swimsuit” when the vegetation is eliminated only on visible websites). The treatment is carried out with the assistance of liquid wax, which is applied to little locations of the skin, promptly is and also solidifies removed along with the hairs. The price in the city’s salons ranges from 600 to 1500 rubles, and the procedure itself has different names: full, total, full deep swimwear, Brazilian hair removal.

The most challenging thing in epilation swimwear– is to pick it for the very first time: although the modern technology is frequently being improved, it is impossible to categorize the treatment as a satisfaction. To minimize discomfort, it is not advised to do epilation during menstruation, in addition to remaining in a state of worried excitement. Hairs for hair elimination with wax should be at the very least 5 mm, as well as 30 minutes before the hr of X you can take an anesthetic pill.

Angry and affordable

Hair salon economy class “Olga”, the expense of 250 rubles.The master approached the procedure in a workaday method and was not particularly fragile. First, the skin is treated with alcohol cream, then on a relatively big location wax is used with an unique wand, and also after solidifying is removed with hair by non reusable paper strips. The much deeper the epilation goes, the more tender the skin and, likewise, the much more uncomfortable the experience. The wax was really hot, the master functioned quickly, quickly, not allowing to rest between jerks.Procedure time: 15 mins. Feeling: As the initial procedure revealed, no pain medication will certainly
assist if the beautician is not distinguished by

skillas well as delicacy. At the start of the procedure, it was somehow bothersome to yell, and also by the end of the force there was no more any screech. Immediately after epilation and also therapy with calming oil, the sensations were rather comfortable, but after a hr the skin fell ill as after a serious melt. Saved the position of”Children’s Cream.”The inflammation was the next day, but the unpleasant experiences lasted longer, and with a complete examination, swellings as well as tiny locations of unremoved hairs were discovered. Impact: Smooth skin remained only 2 days.

Given that the hairs grow erratically, for the very first time only those of them whose size has gotten to the preferred dimension have actually totally retired. The very same ones that were in the stage of beginning, began to show up a number of days after the treatment. Because of the fact that the hair was gotten rid of by big locations, a few of them did not break out with the root, but broke off, and additionally showed up quite quickly. Careful method Private cosmetologist, the expense of 500 rubles. Considering that totally gotten rid of hairs expanded a lot slower, waiting on the correct time for the following epilation took

about two weeks. After a

extensive interview of the sweethearts, it was
chosen to see an exclusive cosmetologist that approves at home. This cosmetician acted much softer and also more exact. The skin was treated with an

anesthetic spray, the wax was applied with an unique cartridge straight to the skin, without making use of sticks, as well as was removed with paper napkins. The hair was removed in small locations, after elimination, the skin was sprayed with talcum, as well as the short hair, which the wax could not wring out, the master very carefully plucked with tweezers. Therapy time: 1 hour.Feel: The procedure appeared less excruciating: the beauty consultant meticulously stretched the skin before removing the paper strip, offered a sigh betweenjerksas well as yapped, attempting to sidetrack from unpleasant sensations.

“Baby lotion”was made use of promptly after epilation, however the skin still felt itself throughout the day with a small burning sensation.Effect: Thanks to cautious handling with tweezers, mostly all the hairs were removed from the root, the skin remained definitely smooth for four days, after which thin hairs started to show up. On the third try Cosmetic workplace “Yves Rocher”, the price of 900 rubles. To wait on full hair regrowth after the second treatment it was necessary a little bit longer, for that reason there was time to examine responses of citizens of a city and to pick the beauty salon having the best popularity.

It makes use of an unique wax of the same name for epilation of delicate locations. It is thicker, applied by a spatula on tiny locations of the skin and also removed without the help of paper napkins, with a clear quick movement of the hand of the master. Treatment time: 1 hour.Feel: After getting rid of the very first hair, it ended up being clear that the primary root cause of the undesirable sensations was covered in paper napkins: as a result of them, along with the hair, the wax

takes the upper layer of the skin, which triggers extreme discomfort, especially after the treatment. Epilation wax without making use of strips of paper can not be called pleasant, however these sensations can not also be compared to the initial procedure. Perhaps its function was played by the fact that the hairs were much thinner than the first time, but after the epilation there were no undesirable sensations. Impact: The skin was creamy and perfectly smooth for a week, then extremely rare hairs showed up, which can be carefully removed with tweezers. The initial point to do when picking an epilation of a deep swimsuit is to forget about the humiliation to the beautician.

Prior to this totally strange woman you will certainly have to undress, accept the position she will certainly state, get utilized to the truth that she thoroughly examines you looking for unearned hair. Attempt to regard it as a doctor, because the rigidity and also excess stress will only enhance the discomfort. A hair removal swimwear can not be painless despite normal holding. Lower pain can be if you choose a salon, where they work with unique wax without paper napkins, which is nearly twice as costly. The very first time to do hair removal will be every 2 weeks, in between the procedures do not utilize a razor, or else the hair will certainly once more end up being next and rigid time will certainly be as excruciating as the. Than regular hair removal

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