Unknown to Air India, an AI firm has been building an app for it

Heard of artificial intelligence being too clever by half? Air India, the Indian carrier that was recently taken over by the country’s Tata Sons, apparently discovered yesterday (Feb. 17) that a little-known firm has been building an app for the aviation major.

What’s more, Builder.ai, the Gurugram-based artificial intelligence company, even advertised a prototype app in mainstream and social media. And Air India had no clue till now.

Builder.ai builds apps in the air…

On Feb. 17, Builder.ai, released the prototype of the mobile app on its website, asking users to vote on whether Air India should start working with it or not. A prototype is a preliminary visual mock-up that looks like a real app and has a tentative fundamental design.

It took to social media to share its “gift made with love” for Air India. Builder.ai also took out front-page advertisements in leading dailies yesterday.

…But Air India didn’t like it

Air India, clearly, wasn’t wooed.

The airline released a statement yesterday, saying it is “contemplating suitable action against the issuer of the newspaper advertisement.” It also said that no one has been asked to build any such app, let alone a prototype and that it wasn’t involved in any such process.

“Heartbroken” by Air India’s reaction and making one last attempt, Builder.ai asked the airline “to meet” to build a partnership it was keen on.

Meanwhile, many Twitter users, while agreeing with Air India’s reaction, appreciated the persistent wooer’s boldness.

Others weren’t so impressed.

The Tatas regained control of Air India in January this year, 90 years after it was nationalised. The aviation company was founded by Jamsetji Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata in 1932.

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