Need to know how much tattoo removal hurts? This is specifically what it feels like …

When you initially had the suggestion for your tattoo design, you possibly never believed you ‘d be looking to eliminate it someday.

Scenarios change and if you want to wipe your skin slate completely tidy, sadly, there’s no magic cream or scrub you can use. The very best choice? Laser.

PSA: Those looking to eliminate their tattoos prior to their wedding, know that it can occupy to a year or more to complete your therapy, so strategy in advance!


Despite having already sustained the pain of getting a tattoo to begin with, this is generally the initial concern people ask about laser tattoo elimination.

The bright side? Dr Rekha Tailor, Aesthetic Doctor at Health Aesthetics Clinic states, “it’ll disappear excruciating than the tattoo itself.”

Want to know how much tattoo removal hurts? This is exactly what it feels like...

“The procedure does include some degree of pain; the stinging feeling of which could be compared to the flicking of an elastic band against the skin.”


Similar to no tattoo is the same, the moment period for tattoo elimination will certainly vary from one person to another.

“Age of the tattoo, skin tone, dimension of the tattoo, ink depth, ins and out of design and also type of pigment made use of,” claims Dr Rekha, are all variables that will certainly contribute to your therapy timeline.

“Unfortunately, tattoo elimination can be a frustratingly sluggish procedure. It is possible that you might need in between 6-20 sessions at intervals of 8-10 weeks.”

Leading tattoo elimination professional, Lorena Öberg, says in her experience, older ink is normally simpler to get rid of, yet colours can be challenging.

“Generally speaking, the most convenient colours to remove are black, brown, dark blue, environment-friendly,” she says. “The most difficult to get rid of are red, orange, yellow, light blue.”

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“It won’t take wish for lasers to considerably fade darker inks, however, eliminating them entirely will usually take more sessions as well as a much more powerful laser.”


Again, this varies from one person to another, however if you’re hoping your skin will be precisely the same as it was pre-tattoo– this is not likely.

“Occasionally people are left with a white darkness of the original tattoo known as ‘ghosting'”, states Dr Rekha. “In addition, laser elimination is not advised for darker skins as this can eliminate the skin’s all-natural pigment as well as leave white scarring.”

Lorena agrees and also says “It’s important to establish upfront that tattoo removal is a procedure that relies on the body’s capability to eliminate ink from the skin.”

“It’s not unusual for the body to take over a year to completely eliminate ink.”

For the very best outcomes feasible, Lorena states to allow the skin sufficient time to heal in between treatments as well as the body’s immune system to purge away ink.

“Stacking the therapies too close with each other can create damages and irreversible negative effects to the skin and also does not permit the body sufficient time to eliminate the ink that was shattered at one of the most recent session”, she claims. “For optimal results, I advise waiting three months between therapies.”


Crusting as well as scabbing is common post-laser tattoo removal and the area can also look darker prior to it recovers.

It’s consequently that Lorena claims to ensure it isn’t aggravated or disturbed.

“Never eliminate the skin or select from a scab as this can cause unnecessary scarring. Crusting will certainly last for as lengthy as your skin needs to secure the location, so my advice is, be patient with this step.”

Dr Rekha claims after each visit, an anti-bacterial cream will certainly be put on the area. As well as for 1-2 weeks after each session, she advises to:

1. Avoid UV direct exposure as the skin will certainly become more photosensitive. Preferably completely cover the location that is being dealt with if you do go out in the sun. If you can not avoid sun exposure totally after that make certain the treated location is protected with a broad-spectrum SPF 50 or more sun cream.

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2. Avoid arduous exercise as this can urge inflammation and make the area more symptomatic (itching, swelling, and so on).

3. Avoid drinking alcohol as this can reduce the fading process as it can prevent the capability of your liver as well as kidneys to flush out ink particles from the body.


If the suggestion of laser has you packing it, or you would certainly just instead not, Lorena does have a choice: a saline/glycolic acid therapy.

This is even more of a fading treatment than elimination. Lorena states, “It does not replace the demand for lasers at some phase of the elimination process.”

And also it’s in fact even more aggressive than lasers, as includes opening the skin to reach the dental implanted pigment, whereas laser does not touch the skin.

The post-care is also a little trickier as “you will certainly need to keep the location completely dry and enable the scab to fall off on its own”, claims Lorena. “This presents a challenge when showering and also washing.”

It’s ideal to have an examination to discover whether this approach would help you.

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