What Type of Acne Do You Have? Take This Easy Quiz to Find Out

A journey to your skin specialist is always the most effective way to assess any skin-care circumstance you’re experiencing yet if you intend to do a little bit of research study on your own as an initial step, take the quiz ahead to assist you establish what sort of acne you have.

The initial step to treating acne is establishing specifically what kind of acne it is. This can be tough, naturally, considering that there are various variants— like whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, pustules, papules, and blemishes— and each needs its own course of therapy.

What makes it harder is that, if you stroll down the aisle of any type of pharmacy or charm merchant, you’re flooded with items that promise to treat breakouts and keep acnes under control. Just how do you understand where to start?

For beginners, every skin-care routine requirements a basic cleanser, treatment, as well as moisturizer, yet those with acneic skin should stack their programs with items formulated with breakout-fighting ingredients.

The complicated thing is, not all acne active ingredients are developing equal, and also some work much better on certain sorts of acne than others. (For example, benzoyl peroxide is fantastic for getting rid of breakouts triggered by bacteria, whereas salicylic acid dissolves the dirt and oil that could bring about blackheads.) So, in order to purchase the best therapy for your particular type of acne, you require to know what you’re taking care of.

How would you define your acne? Little, pus-filled bumps with a visible white or yellow center. I can not

actually feel them. Tiny, black dots on my face with a high focus around my T-zone.

Little, red bumps that really feel hard when I touch them. They typically appear in clusters on my face.

Larger bumps with a white, pus-filled facility that are alluring to stand out.

Huge, inflamed bumps that I can not quickly see, however, boy, do I feel them. They likewise take for life to go away.

Large, red, excruciating bumps around my face that don’t have a visible white facility of pus.

Do you see a white pus in the center of your outbreak?

Yes, there are several tiny white pimples.

Yes, and they are so alluring to pop. No, the centeris much more black. I can’t see any kind of white— just red, puffy bumps that feel like they are under the skin.

My pimples are extra red than anything.

No white center, yet they do feel difficult to the touch.

Where is your acne situated on your body? Mostly on my T-zone. Throughout my nose as well as a little

bit on my chin. Mostly on my jaw, cheeks, or the lower fifty percent of my face.

Throughout my cheeks.

On my face yet likewise on my back and also chest.

All over my face.

Does your acne pain to the touch?

No, not at all.

No, there’s no bump to touch. Yes, in the deep, under-the-skin type of way.

A little bit however absolutely nothing regrettable.

Yes, it is very agonizing.

Periodically however not generally.

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