When Andy Warhol Came to Moscow

In 2020 and also 2021, Moscow held its first really thorough exhibition of works by Andy Warhol, the king of American pop-art. Paradoxically, one of the most comprehensive exhibition of one of the most well-known 20th century, tradition-challenging American musician was kept in Moscow at the time of the greatest decrease in Russian-American relationships.

The exhibition, qualified “I, Andy Warhol” was kept in the hall of the Union of Artists, currently component of the New Tretyakov Gallery. It was disrupted for numerous months of quarantine but extended its encounter February.

As well as in spite of the coronavirus, the interruptions, and also outright aggressive connections in between Russia as well as the U.S., the show set brand-new presence records as well as was, in the end, among the main events of imaginative life in the funding. The exhibition showed greater than 200 works and also introduced the musician to Russians as a master of shade as well as portraiture.

Like all great shows, it began with a little bit of a detraction.

Soon after it opened up several art critics doubted the credibility of several of the work with display. Numerous works did not consist of information on where they were held or which collection they originated from. The organizers mentioned that the substantial numbers of prints of Warhol’s works made a conversation of the works’ credibility meaningless.

 Denis Lapshin

So Warhol, also a half a century after his death, continued to brake with conventions and also breach the standards of commonly recognized art that museum-goers are used to seeing in the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery. But evaluating by the visitors, this really did not create discomfort or interfere with affection of Warhol’s favored personalities: Mao, Lenin, Marilyn Monroe, elephants, pandas, monkeys and also rhinos.

A smaller rumor broke out in the conservative press. The newspaper Zavtra, which has a nationalist-imperialist belief, explained the violation of Warhol placing Lenin and also Mao with Mickey Mouse, Uncle Sam and also Santa Claus. The paper likewise kept in mind Warhol’s Slavic origins. “Warhol is eclectic and not extremely original,” the article stated. Remaining real to the paper’s ideological background, it proceeded: “If you didn’t understand the jobs were done by Warhol with his photo, ideas, and also antics, they would certainly just be colored nothingness.”

Being familiar with the art

The program, curated by Gianni Mercurio, was brilliantly arranged to help visitors value Warhol’s art and take house some memories. An excellent website allows viewers take a virtual excursion of the event, and also the store offered an exceptional catalog, in addition to all sort of souvenirs, like magnets as well as tee shirts including Warhol’s works.

This is the first time that sufficient of Warhol’s works have been displayed for Russian art lovers to value the deepness of his concepts. Warhol was revealed as an excellent musician– a flexible master of portraiture and also color with an eager eye for kind. Particularly excellent were the pictures of 10 Jewish people renowned in the 20th century that were performed in silk display theoretically. Not all of them were promptly recognizable, however the pictures of Golda Meier and Franz Kafka definitely were. It was likewise fascinating to see an elegant picture of the young Queen Margrethe II of Denmark with orange hair and also dark blue eyelids.

 Denis Lapshin

The program included the renowned canvas of” Marilyn” with otherwise colored lips, eyebrows, shadows and hair. This was the prime selfie area for unlimited varieties of young Russian man and also women Warhol followers. If the neon magnetism of “Marilyn” near the entry was really hypnotic, the larger variation in the main hall was spectacular: flamboyant, vibrantly tinted, pulsing with vitality. The work was filled with halftones, the kind we are used to seeing in jobs by stylists. After this show even the most conservative Russian art critics as well as artists have to admit that Warhol understand what he was making with shade.

Being familiar with the musician

Warhol’s bio was shown versus the backdrop of the 20th century– specifically movie theater made worldwide– and also U.S.-Soviet relationships, which helped visitors obtain a better understanding of the musician. He is certainly not a “phony artist” or “art cheat,” as the leading lights of socialist realism suched as to call him.

Warhol was birthed in 1928 in Pittsburgh in a household of Greek-Catholic Lemkos from Slovakia. His mommy (nee Zavatskaya) never ever learned to speak English. “Often ill and also uncommunicative in youth, Andy Warhol spend a lot of his time at home, paying attention to the radio as well as making collections out of magazine intermediaries that he drew on and tinted,” one of the first informative stands informs visitors. The new technology of the 20th century, specifically the rapid advancement of digital photography, led to the young Warhol to conceive of other aesthetic possibilities. In 1937 he was offered a movie video camera and fell for photography. In the 1950s Warhol’s switched to the Polaroid, which can promptly catch photos and also life in pictures. One can just visualize what he would have finished with today’s digital innovation.

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In 1945, when WWII finished as well as the UN was established, Warhol started to examine in the visuals design department of the Carnegie Institute of Technology. American universalism and also standardization motivated him to celebrate canisters of soup as well as Coca Cola. Warhol believed that Coca Cola brought everyone in American society to the exact same level: “… you know that the President beverages Coca Cola, Liz Taylor beverages Coca Cola, as well as simply think, you can consume Coca Cola, too. A coke is a coke and also no amount of money can obtain you a better coke than the one the bottom on the corner is consuming. All the cokes coincide and all the cokes are great. Liz Taylor understands it, the President understands it, the bum understands it, and you recognize it.” In the Soviet Union, this would been called “progressing,” and now it could be called– with a grimace– globalization.

 Denis Lapshin

In 1963 Warhol purchased a structure in Manhattan that happened called the Factory, where he made his art-like items on a production line. In 1964 he had his first show, an exhibit of regarding one hundred variations of Brillo boxes as well as containers of Heinz Ketchup.

Clothes as well as shoes was essential elements in 20th century customer society, as well as the event presents Andy Warhol’s illustrations for females’s journals, especially Harper’s Bazaar, of women’s shoes, bodices and underwears. There is a specifically great instance of his “Diamond Dust Shoes,” made of silkscreen ink as well as diamond dirt on canvas, provided to the show from a private collection in Milan.

 Denis Lapshin

A parting gift Moved by the tales of the American rock artist Joanne Stingray that spent time in the Soviet Union in the perestroika age, Warhol sent out presents to Leningrad artists and rock artists: Sergei Kuryokhin, Timur Novikov, Viktor Tsoi, Sergei Bugayev Afrika, Georgy Guryanov, Oleg Kotelnikov and Boris Grebenshchikov.

In January 1986, concerning a year before his fatality, the initial program of jobs by Andy Warhol was kept in the U.S.S.R. It was kept in the ASSA Gallery and also consisted of a screen of those presents. The St. Petersburg artists offered Warhol the academic title of Doctor of All Kinds of Arts, as indicated by the certification showed at the exhibit.

Warhol’s leading tenet is the last things visitors view as they leave the exhibition: “The suggestion is not to live forever, however to create something that will.”

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