Why mandelic acid is the skincare very component your elegance routine has actually been missing

The concept of smearing acid around your face may not sound like the gentlest strategy to skincare however it’s one of the most efficient.

While we’ve already lauded the benefits of adding salicylic and also hyaluronic acid to your elegance regimen, there’s a new arrival in the kind of mandelic acid.

We’ve gotten in touch with Dr Chen, R&D at DCL Skincare, to provide us the rundown on specifically what it is, the generous benefits it will offer your skin care program and also the items packed to the border with it.

What is mandelic acid?

Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) stemmed from bitter almonds, yet is much more mild.

What advantages does mandelic acid have on skin?

Creases and also fine lines

Mandelic acid is a best anti-ageing ingredient on the planet of skincare. It works to speed up cell turn over by liquifying the tiny bonds that hold skin cells together, aiding to get rid of dead skin on the surface that can result in boring complexions, as well as great lines. It likewise reinforces collagen, one of the foundation of the skin’s support network that gives it youthful suppleness.

Why mandelic acid is the skincare super ingredient your beauty regime has been missing

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can beat your imperfections Hyperpigmentation and discolouration Malesma is an usual skin problem in which light to dark brownish or greyish pigmentation develops on the face. Mandelic acid has actually been revealed to decrease melasma by as high as 50% in 4 weeks, leading to a more evenly coloured complexion.


Mandelic acid’s anti-bacterial properties are exceptionally handy in treating acne. It also assists to control sebum manufacturing and also in turn decrease the event of breakouts. Mandelic acid has even been shown to benefit those that deal with cystic acne.

Exactly how to make use of mandelic acid in your elegance regime

Dr Chen encourages using mandelic acid as component of your night skincare regimen, after cleansing and also before moisturising. “Deliver it to the skin in percentages using light patting activities that press the product into your skin. Permit it to take in correctly before applying moisturiser,” she recommends.

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