Wildness of some kind

Five fashion fads in the winter: from blue pantyhose to a leopard coat. Covered layer under a grey leopard(5199 rubles., Mango)Spitting over his left shoulder to prevent jinxing, we admit: we have a nice European winter outside, like a Christmas card. Give up style for survival is not needed– you can safely be led only by style.

This winter season, we recall at 2 periods. The 1940s with their rigorous kinds, fitted jackets and also straight skirts.Secondly, the 1980s with all the occurring effects: bangles, shoulder pads, intense synthetic hair.

Outside of the nightclub of the 80’s, the shade scheme of winter season is rather ascetic-– a lot of black, and as an option, it uses the complexion of off-white and cream.

What wildness!In reality, it’s currently so clear that fur as well as wintertime are two things inseparable. But this winter season, style specifically quickly demands to find an extra womanly alternative to the bored uniform– down coat. At the optimal of style, the sheepskin layers returned, and the influence of the forties stimulates the extraction of noodles from the caracul. The acquisition of an all-natural hair coat or sheepskin coats is a serious test for the budget (as well as for some women– as well as for conscience, which will certainly call the mink bloody in the eyes).

However an artificial fur coat does not set you back greater than a down coat as well as heats up no even worse. In addition, it is easier to integrate it with a closet: it does not drive into the structure of a sport-boneless style, like a down jacket, yet additionally does not experience excessive pathos like a real hair coat. One of the most trendy layer of the season has a nearly scandalous coloring– a surprising leopard. However, the leopard strolls any place he wants– outfits, tops, clutches … The main accessory, without which ruthless coloring is much better not to put on, stays an exceptional funny bone as well as self-irony.

“Leopard” is stylish, and also the gray “leopard” is a supermodel! “- commented Svetlana Zubova, Merchandiser Marmalato.

Double-breasted forged layer “under the gray leopard” constructed from imitation fur, imitating a horse. 5199 rubles., Mango.

Hands off

Irina Prygina, dealer Mango, amongst one of the most important things of the period calls a fur vest: “This period there are, to start with, habitual hair informal vests that are used multilayered with plaid tee shirts, coats, denims. Checkered t shirts, incidentally, come back. And also second of all, there are evening variations on the vest of fabricated fur and even thick feathers, which you can use with an outfit. ”

Evening black vest with an artificial silk back and also façade of synthetic fur with a long pile. 3899 rubles., Mango.

“Chicken foot”– an old buddy returned in the prime of life The range of forms of Fur is also wonderfully popular as a decor for bags. This is the major winter information in the marsupial globe, since generally the bags maintain the fall pattern: we put on virtually every little thing, except probably extreme oversize. “Clutches, bags, as well as big bags are likewise relevant, but bag-briefcases are a preferred,” says Svetlana Zubova. “Also from the start of the period, devices in the rocker style are not becoming much less fashionable: fascinating, chains, decor in the form of thorns– they will be relevant at the very least next spring.”

An additional hero of the season– a bag in the style of the stringent forties: with an inflexible form, a triangular flank and a flat bottom.

“So much, there are very few such people in the mass market, they are primarily in the high-end sector,” proceeds Svetlana Zubova.

A large bag in the kind of a vertical rectangle made from grey artificial hair with a long as well as brief belt– to select from. 2599 rubles., Mango.

Blue stocking

“Like last winter, style weaved dresses as well as chitons remain in fashion– we have a lot of them: blue, grey, striped. We wear with dense colored pantyhose and also boots, “states Maria Artamonova, stylist Topshop. The weather condition gets on our side– and we pick the taste and color of dense as well as smooth pantyhose, even if knitted– mesh or pigtails. Black is the favorite of the season, and also pantyhose is no exemption. Those who favor cheerful, this winter, judging by the variety of networks “Planet of Pantyhose” and also Calzedonia, will use mainly succulent purple and also blue pantyhose.

On the platforms pantyhose with shiny special effects rules (the influence of inconsiderate 80’s influences), pantyhose repeating the figure of clothes (it will certainly not be easy to discover such an option for reasonable money, but, keep in mind, this is a hit). And also, finally, visually prolonging legs pantyhose right into a huge vertical black as well as white strip. The last option was found in Topshop– though, in nylon performance, implying a cars and truck at the front door.

Leather warm shades, checkered tee shirts,”wild”prints on bags, chocolate pantyhose– done in style, yet at the really top of the top– a fur vest (4599 rubles., Mango)

Black, blue, lotion, delicious chocolate limited pantyhose 80-120 den. 699 rubles., Topshop.

Like a hen paw

For those who are not allowed to wear a purple tights and leopard layer, it’s worth taking notice of the return of the pattern, which has actually become the criterion of traditional style. The failed to remember black as well as white “hen foot”– or “pier de bullets”, the preferred pattern of Christian Dior– this season generously strolled along the platforms. To not be bored, in one outfit can combine “paws” of different dimensions– the result is directly psychedelic. Well, one of the most keen alternative is the “poultry foot” for numerous seasons of the non-surrendering dress-case.

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