With the aid of tattoo you can forget cosmetics as well as change your facial features

Permanent makeup (micropigmentation, dermopigmentation, tattooing) was birthed never 20, however greater than 4 thousand years earlier– the art of tattooing, including applied on the face, was understood even in Ancient Egypt.

Twenty years back, in the mid-1980s, a tattoo device was used for a shallow application of the pigment to the skin of the face. After that this treatment had a whole lot of downsides– shades typically changed currently on the skin, the paint did not go away in a couple of years, but remained forever, commonly there were scars. In the early 90s, brand-new generation gadgets were developed in Germany, which made the procedure extra risk-free as well as comfortable, permitting the pigment to be introduced evenly, shallowly and accurately.

Today, permanent make-up is applied in numerous beauty parlors. Why as well as how, the contributor of SE discussed.

Why do you need long-term make-up?


The initial disagreement, which leads and cosmetologists, and also glossy magazines, and also those that have actually currently acquired a tattoo. It seems like this: to not waste time on daily cosmetics. “The primary goal of permanent make-up is to permit a girl to look excellent without makeup in any type of circumstance: in the sauna, swimming pool, in the countryside,” says Svetlana I. Berdnikova, skin specialist at the Institute of Cosmetology at NMMU.

Form Furthermore, making use of tattooing can remedy the information by nature, possibly, not perfect functions: to enhance as well as straighten the lip line, extend brows, to

give the cut eye extra expressiveness, decrease asymmetry. Optical improvement of pigment spots, scars, marks is also possible with the aid of long-term makeup. “The closest to the color of the skin pigment development is covered as well as lined up, after which it can be seen just close”,– states Ekaterina Lebedko.

However, birthmarks can not be repainted over. You can paint a playful fly over the lip. Tattoos can not be attracted either– the pigmentation micropigmentation paint is not infused as deep when it comes to the tattoo, so the “young people’s blunders” can only be made paler, however not entirely eliminated.

Health and wellness

Hypoallergenic paints utilized for micropigmentation can solve the issue of allergy to ornamental cosmetics. “All pigments frequently go through strict quality control,” states SI Berdnikova. “Any records of sensitive or various other negative responses are kept track of, and also the chemical formula is enhanced.”

Nevertheless, it is very important to utilize just top notch paints and equipment. “Until after that, the former tattoo artists, re-qualified, make long-term make-up in the house, on tattoo devices.

This is inappropriate: the paint gets deep, the skin can mark, an infection often contaminates, low-quality affordable pigments transform color– the lips can transform blue, the brows pink, “- alerts Ekaterina Lebedko, beauty consultant, master of dermopigmentation of the Center for Beauty as well as Health” Sante Esthetique “.

The expense of one procedure with using high-grade materials by professionals who have actually received good training as well as having a fantastic method, can not cost much less than 3000 rubles. It is more affordable to perform the procedure for trainees, but the absence of client’s certification should be warned and the subsequent change is for free.

How does the procedure job?

Color matching

The most prominent procedures are micropigmentation of the eyelid, eyebrows and also lips. The first stage is shade matching. “Today, only all-natural shades are made use of worldwide, and also this has come to be much more popular with us than the result of brightly tinted lips,” says Ekaterina Lebedko.– The primary focus is out color saturation, but on shaping, leveling out the natural color, producing the quantity. “The shade is selected based upon the classic” periods “system– cozy or cool, and from what color the customer likes to use in make-up as well as clothing.

Painfully? Then the treatment itself is performed, frequently utilizing regional anesthesia.”People are much more concerned not with discomfort, yet with concern that it will injure,” clarifies Ekaterina Lebedko.– Especially when the treatment is performed on the eyelids– the patient is generally certain that I will most definitely enter into the eye, and also as a result really concerned.

As quickly as I begin functioning, customers relax down and also fall asleep. “The painfulness of the procedure depends on the patient’s pain limit. But fairly the most sensitive locations are the eyelids as well as the main zone of the lips.


After micropigmentation, a corrective procedure is often needed, due to the fact that the body, first encountering alien items, such as paint, also on a natural basis, can start to actively do away with them. The first modification is usually at no cost, duplicated– at a discount of 50% of the expense.

For a long period of time?

The effect of the procedure is from 2 to 3 years. Is it dangerous for health? “Permanent make-up is safe,” says the skin doctor Berdnikova SI.– Unexpected responses may happen if the skin of the lips, as an example, is “troubled”, if there are frequently troubles that the client must alert for consultation. But there is no guarantee of safety when utilizing affordable, second-rate pigments. ”

Those who have actually believed concerning micropigmentation, it is not worth chasing after for cheapness– after all with blue lips you will certainly then have to walk for numerous years or repaint even more than once. It is worth thinking about well that for 2-3 years you will have to see in the mirror your face with the exact same kind of brows or lips, as well as not synthetically produced by nature, offered to you by nature. Ready?

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