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There is a point of view that ladies do not have a gene in charge of driving. It would certainly be even for 100 meters you can figure out that driving a lady, also if the back glass is not a sticker label “Shoe”.

“They are taking a trip in the leftmost row at a speed of 47 km/ h, they occupy one and a half rows for activity, they hesitate to restore, after that instantly stop when the green light is flashing,” a guy in an auto forum recently put out bitterness.

Also he at the end confessed that after all, “there are a lots or two that go well.” As the writer is genuinely encouraged, with one of them, the victor of the phase of the competition “Autowards of Russia-2010”, where the ladies compete with each various other in the ability to drive, he spoke about these preferred views.

Reference.Ivanova Ekaterina, 28 years old, is the victor of the initial stage of the auto competitors”Avtodeli Rossii-2010″. At the wheel of the automobile– from 12 years, the official experience of driving– 8 years. Currently runs the Toyota Corona Premio, I would certainly like the Lexus RX330. Traveled the whole Siberian area, one of the most far-off point of autotravel– the city of Krasnoturyinsk in the north of the Sverdlovsk region. In common life, he handles the task company. Solitary.

Catherine, where did you find out to drive so well?

As well as I would certainly not claim that I handle it trendy. Furthermore, I make certain that my success is just an accident. All the entrants, I believe, handled well, and also anyone could win, it does not also rely on the auto, I assume.

By the way, rivals, what type of vehicles were they?

Essentially steep. “Audi A4”, two “Lexus”, “Ferret”, “Tiguan”, “Integra”, “Subaru Forester”, there were a pair of “Damio”, “Witz”, another “Crown”. Everyone has various drives, devices– for every single taste.

As well as yet, what is your key, maybe the issue is that you are 12 years behind the wheel?

Maybe it was that my dad was dragging me from an early age, however I do not assume so. It appears to me that everything depends upon the person– whether offered it to him or otherwise.

Right here there is such an observation that individuals with a technological way of thinking are better at driving an auto than for a humanist, so I will most likely concur with this, since the road to the first place is keeping an eye on the circumstance as well as chilly estimation.

When did you first jump on the circuit and decided to join the car competitors?

On the autodrome got by mishap, when in the year before last the good friends with them called. As well as this year I did not plan to join Avtoledi, but again my acquaintances were welcomed, as well as I concurred. I did not even expect that I might win such an uncertain reward as a parachute jump. ( Smiling. ) By the way, almost all the individuals, they claim, came from the street– no one is in the car clubs, he did not contend before. They learned to drive, as I do, in ordinary life, on city roads.

There is an opinion that a woman at the wheel can at ideal like you– it’s simply good to drive a cars and truck, but every little thing that gets on the technological

side is already a thick forest. This is about you? Candles, say, can transform? If you provide me a candle trick, I’ll replace it with no troubles. As for the technological component, I did not also need to think about it, considering that my vehicle did not fail me in this regard. Is that somehow a turn indicator removed on the road, I put it back, I did not need to go to SRT. ( Smiling. )

You can like driving establish that is driving in advance of the driving automobile– a lady or a guy?

To be straightforward, I do not recognize this division. I would still recognize the department right into a inexperienced as well as skilled chauffeur, yet below on the basis of sex, it appears to me, there are no special differences. And among women and also males there are those that drive well, and those who are bad.

Lots of girls, despite greater than 2 years of driving experience, hang a “Exclamation mark” on the back home window, cautioning that the motorist is driving. Just how do you treat this practice?

Positively. If an individual is not yet certain of himself, after that it is necessary to educate other participants of the activity about it to ensure that they keep away. I, for instance, have an associate that has been driving for a long time, however he has not just the “Exclamation mark”, however also the “Teapot”, and also the “Shoe”. This he did specifically for the wife, that recently got the legal rights, and also they take turns driving in this automobile. I do not see anything scandalous or funny right here, considering that such a warning can truly aid.

Although there are, certainly, drivers, primarily men, on which the designation “Beginner driver” act as a red rag on the bull.

You, incidentally, how will respond if a chauffeur before you waited as well as, for instance, being on the highway, does not go, however misses everybody on the additional?

I’m tranquil regarding such things. If I discover that he is perplexed in the scenario, after that I will certainly aid: as an example, on a signal, making it clear that you can go. I’m not going to be mad or ram right.

Do you believe a woman who drives a vehicle in daily life varies from a lady who never drove at the wheel?

I did not see that driving adds additional self-confidence. Many ladies just assume that resting at the wheel is except them, and also at the same time they recognize their rate very well, and are completely certain in themselves. Someone even suggests by doing this: I do not wish to drive myself, since I’m already driven– my hubby, taxi, personal vehicle driver, somebody else. Although, over the last few years, the girls at the wheel has ended up being significantly, I believe, now on the roads the ratio is 50 to 50.

Your hobby for driving and also auto competitors, as well as the reality that you still win in them, aids in connecting with men? Just how do they respond at all, that you drive much better than them?

I do not even understand. Men react generally, that I take part in such competitions, my colleagues at work sustain me in this, congratulate. However I would certainly not claim that I drive better than the familiar males, to ensure that it straight excites their excitement. The only thing when I feel unconfident is when someone is driving my car.

Is your way of life comparable to the style of driving?

In regular life, I’m constantly in a hurry, I do not have time, at the wheel– I never ever hurry and also constantly have time. When driving, generally, one should be extremely careful as well as not hurry.

Which car would certainly you call an ideal women city car?

His– Toyota Corona Premio– I do not assume so. At the moment my vehicle totally matches me– both in maintenance and in running features. But I would certainly call the Lexus RX330 helpful for myself, I would certainly take it with satisfaction, taking into account the condition of our roadways.

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