Your hair is being ruined by bacteria if you’re not cleaning your straighteners every 3 months

And while you might have your six-step skincare routine as well as finest brush technique locked down, there’s one daily device that’s flown under the weekly wash radar, as well as it’s resting on your heat pad right now.

It’s taken a number of years of dusty make-up bags, a dozen fractured combinations and also one way too many breakouts, but nowadays, most of us are important to the demand to clean our elegance tools often.

Yep, it ends up that hair straighteners actually need as much care and also attention as our various other make-up devices to keep germs away– and our hair in tip-top condition.

According to hair professional Jo Robertson, GHD’s Head of UK Republic of Ireland education and learning, overlooking to clean your straighteners could bring about a build-up of dust and gunk, which not only affects the top quality of your straighteners, however might additionally damage your hair too.

Think about how many designing items are standing proudly on your shower room rack now. Those very same creams, serums, sprays and also oils that you use on our hair daily are finish your dependable GHDs as well– and also the all-natural oils from your own scalp.

Fortunately is that there’s an incredibly easy cleansing regimen to guarantee your ceramic plates remain in ideal nick.

“Once you have actually completed styling, put the heat immune plate guard on your styler as well as permit to cool down on a heat resistance surface area such as a warm floor covering,” Robertson explains.

“When the styler has cooled off, it needs to be kept without wrapping the cable around the styler as this will shorten the life of the product and damages the cord in time.

“To clean your styler, use a lightly damp soft fabric or a baby clean or the plates and also never ever submerse your styler in water.”

One last thing: remember to clean your brush also!

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