6 ideas for layering your jewellery like a pro to truly doll up those Zoom calls

We’ve obtained some excellent news for you, because we’ve discovered a way to camouflage the fact that you only awakened fifteen minutes ago and also to look entirely put-together without the pore-clogging faff of make-up.

It’ll even revive that zip-up hoodie that your coworkers have actually gotten to know worryingly well over current weeks.

You’ve made it to week ten of functioning from residence throughout lockdown (congratulations!), yet while you might have made at least a limited initiative for those early-days video teleconference– we’re speaking a tidy top and a reckless blot of concealer on great days– you’re likely discovering your interest for Zoom-aesthetic-etiquette waning somewhat.

Your skin isn’t thanking you for the unneeded make-up obstacle fused with the absence of time invested outdoors (who knew you would certainly miss that walk to Pret for one more round of egg cress a lot?), and also your fanciest tracksuits have no doubt began to shed their charm. Audio familiar?

Jewelry. Ta-da! Okay, hear us out.

We don’t suggest that old cartilage material puncturing you’ve had in because uni Freshers Week, neither do we imply your hugely OTT costume jewellery that you aim to many Saturdays to zhuzh up that old-but-classic LBD.

No, we’re referring to smartly put-together layers of basic, stylish jewelry. Think lashings of chains (v #ConnellsChain-inspired, in fact) and also limitless earrings.

Drawing focus without looking over-done, creative jewellery hacks will be your buddy for the near couple of weeks of Zoom calls– trust fund us.

Here are the 6 key suggestions for how to layer your pendants and also earrings for optimum (refined) effect …


Particularly when it concerns necklaces, it’s an excellent concept to mix things up a bit in regards to weight as well as thickness. Attempt alternating between heavier, statement-making chains and also slimmer, daintier ones as you go and you’ll locate an all-natural balance.

2. CREATE A FOCUS Rather than just layering 4/5 easy chains atop each other, why not introduce one with a pendant or a couple of appeal information? It’ll produce a much more curated appearance with the base chains functioning as encouraging backing professional dancers to the main event.


Maybe one of the most evident pointer but definitely the most commonly forgotten, using numerous necklaces of the exact same length does nothing yet produce a beefy metal mass with the inevitable hazard of repetitive tangles. Rather, stagger your sizes– not necessarily all equidistant– to create circulation and nonchalant subtlety.

There’s long been an idea that you either wear gold jewellery or you use silver jewelry. In some cases you may call the modifications with a little increased gold action, however you absolutely never make the deadly mistake of blending. Fortunately, perspectives have loosened up and frame of minds have broadened somewhat, with silver and gold jewelry now proving one of the chicest combinations.


Whether layering your necklaces or your jewelry, it’s a good idea to have some form of a theme running throughout. Whether it’s as subtle as tiny ruby injections occasionally or as literal as the exact same pendant style on a number of items, something to connect the look with each other as well as validate your choice keeps the look feeling more curated as well as less thrown on.


If you have a tendency to be a bit OTT with your jewellery, there’s a very straightforward way to stay clear of overkill. Remove the last thing you put on when you believe your look is total. It’ll keep the initial, curated layers as well as the designated feeling of convenience and simpleness.

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