An ode to Keanu Reeves, the one male in Hollywood we can all agree on

Recently, Keanu Reeves apparently revealed in a meeting that he’s a «lonesome person.» «I don’t have anybody in my life,» he added, «but if it does take place, I would certainly appreciate as well as enjoy the other person. Hopefully, it’ll take place for me.»

The story quickly went viral since, duh. Keanu Reeves, a nationwide and also cinematic treasure, is lonely? I offer as homage to keep him business if that’s real. I would certainly prepare him chocolate chip cookies while we heart-to-heart about, like, where our hearts go when we die. We would certainly have a really good time, I believe.

Others on social media feel the same way:

It’s heartbreaking to believe Reeves is lonely because, like Tom Hanks as well as Chris Evans, he’s on an extremely list of widely precious males. He’s discovered a considerate way to posture with female followers for pictures.

He’s an ally to his women costars: According to Winona Ryder, Reeves rejected to accompany supervisor Francis Ford Coppola’s need that the male actors on the collection of Dracula shout at Ryder till she wept. There are several short articles with the headline «Proof That Keanu Reeves Is the Nicest Guy in Hollywood,» which is sufficient proof for me that he’s the nicest man in Hollywood. His job is so iconic that a hip NYC theater hosted a retrospective of his films this summer season; in April, Glasgow tossed a KeanuCon festival. Even Sandy Bullock, literally Miss Congeniality, has a crush on him.

The excellent news: His representative informed Huffington Post the interview was «fabricated.» Say Thanks To God Reeves is doing simply great, however the story did lead to an intriguing conversation on social media— as well as amongst the Glamour team— about his allure. When I went down the post into Slack, a discussion with my coworkers regarding how much we like Reeves quickly removed.

Khaliha Hawkins pointed to a lesser-known Reeves film, 1995’s A Walk in the Clouds, as proof of his convenience as an actor. «Keanu is understood for his action functions, yet he’s always been a rom-com star in my mind,» she said. «A Walk in the Clouds has plenty of dramatization and also rom-com tropes, so this motion picture has everything.»

Samantha Leach said she maintains seeing classic photos of Reeves in her Instagram feed, to her pleasure. «If you’re deep down the rabbit opening of ’90s nostalgia Instagram like I am, images of Keanu Reeves as well as River Phoenix around the time of My Own Private Idaho appear a lot,» she told me. «The smoulder that person produces as a ’90s indie celebrity is unreal, like, c’mon. More vital, whenever he’s imagined with River Phoenix, he looks so safety of him. River was struggling with addiction by that point, as well as with every present Keanu resembles he’s trying to share ‘Let me conserve you, River’ via his eyes. It’s just how much he cares that absolutely makes him hot.»

For Kim Fusaro, the love for Reeves began early and hasn’t fluctuated. «I saw Keanu in Point Break in the theatre because my close friend’s mama escorted us, two preteens, to the counter as well as cleared us for tickets. It was my initial in-the-theatre rated-R flick,» she claimed. «A decade later I went with the very same pal to see Keanu’s band, Dogstar, at a shitty Providence bar, another location that we absolutely weren’t old adequate to be in. He was worth bending the rules as well as breaking the regulation for.»

I didn’t understand Reeves had a band, yet it only includes in his appeal. That unusual side of Reeves is what Christopher Rosa likes also. «He’s a wonderful star— and so, so hot— however my love for him is rooted in something else totally: conspiracy theory theories,» Rosa stated. «There are so many wild rumours regarding Reeves online, as well as they’re either all true or all full B.S. Like this one regarding how he spent for a stranger’s kidney transplant. Or when everyone was persuaded he saved loads of pet cats from assisted suicide. And also there’s the old mythology that he drives a Honda and also lives in a regular house regardless of having millions. We do know he takes the train, so possibly that last one is true. Regardless, the Internet is out right here posting concepts concerning him like he’s a Game of Thrones personality, and I’m right here for it.»

Ana Colón urged most of us view BuzzFeed’s pup interview with Reeves, which she called «a goddamn joy.» «It’s particularly noteworthy since (1) he had the ability to stay even more concentrated than other participants and also (2) his answers vary from adorably punny to deep and also genuine. Gravity helps him stay down-to-earth, as an example; he’s a self-identified Edward de Verean, so he would certainly like to time-travel back to the moment of Shakespeare to see that’s truly responsible for those contributions to literary works. I ask you: Whomst?»

I might compose 3,000 more words regarding Reeves’ success— his cool response to the «unfortunate Keanu» memes; the movie Keanu, in which he articulates a charming kittycat; the time he supposedly located a burglar in his library and also steadly spoke with her up until the police officers showed up; everything concerning the John Wick motion pictures.

However I’ll finish this ode by praising Reeves’ recent unforgettable appearance as an extremely fictionalised variation of himself in Always Be My Maybe, Ali Wong’s Netflix romantic comedy. He was Wong and director Nahnatchka Khan’s first choice for the component— a love rate of interest for Wong’s character— but also they were shocked by how video game he was to do it. «We all believed it was mosting likely to be difficult to obtain him,» Randall Park, that likewise stars in the flick, informed Vulture. «What was the likelihood of him being available, and after that likewise him being willing to play himself?»

The scenes are wild to watch. He is «Keanu Reeves,» sure, yet this character is even more of an apology of what a fan could assume weird, out-of-touch celebrities are like than anything based actually. He’s the sort of guy that goes to a fancy restaurant and also orders recipes that «play with the idea of time.» When a woman informs «Keanu Reeves» she’s starstruck, he responds, «The only stars that matter are the ones you see when you fantasize.» This variation of Reeves is an asshole— another factor it’s plainly fiction— however he’s still interesting. You intend to be around him, even if his concept of a fun video game night is deeply concerning.

I really assume this will certainly go down as one of his best functions. The component lets Reeves reveal a comedic side we rarely get to see, while playing on the mysterious attraction of his individual life and celeb. It’s brilliantly created, as well as he’s fantastic in it.

With information that Matrix 4 is formally a go— and also with Keanu Reeves repeating the lead duty, no much less— we thought now was as great time as ever before to remind you that Reeves is the most effective. Our original message, which was released in June 2019, can be discovered listed below.

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