Armie Hammer’s declared targets speak out in House of Hammer trailer

The saga of Armie Hammer as well as the Hammer empire is much from over. Discovery+has actually released the very first trailer for House of Hammer, a docuseries describing the accusations versus the star as well as”the dark as well as twisted tricks”of the Hammer family.

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The three-part docuseries takes a deep check out the accusations of emotional misuse, manipulation, and also sexual violence that brought Hammer’s thriving Hollywood career to a grinding halt in 2021, a legend formerly taken a look at by Vanity Fair’s Julie Miller in a tale called”The Fall of your home of Hammer.”( Hammer has continuously rejected the accusations levelled against him using his legal representative, Andrew Brettler. With the help of pal Robert Downey Jr., he likewise examined himself into a rehab facility last year.)

In the trailer, two of Hammer’s affirmed victims, Courtney Vucekovich and also Julia Morrison, detail their experiences with the Social Network actor, supplying screenshots of messages and also voice memos of their alleged conversations with Hammer, which usually entailed the actor sharing cannibalistic dreams and also sexual fetishes.

“My wager was going to include appearing at your place and also entirely linking you up and crippling you and after that having the ability to do whatever I wished to each and every single hole in your body up until I was performed with you, “says a man’s voice in a message purportedly from Hammer. The trailer after that shows a message in which Hammer allegedly explains himself as”100 %a cannibal,” in addition to a transcribed note that states:”I am mosting likely to attack the fuck out of you.

“The docuseries, directed by Elli Hakami as well as Julian P. Hobbs, also has a look at the dark legacy of the Hammer household. Casey Hammer– Armie’s auntie and also the granddaughter of oil tycoon Armand Hammer– served as a consultant on House of Hammer.”Magnify Succession a million times, and it was my household,”she says in the trailer.

“If you think regarding making take care of the evil one, the Hammers are leading of the emblem pole. “Since his exile from Hollywood, Armie Hammer has supposedly been found offering timeshares in the Cayman Islands, where he invested several of his youth and a lot of the pandemic. “I ‘ve allow the Hammers control me my whole life,”Casey claims.”It’s time to quit. I decline to be silenced.”House of Hammer premieres on Discovery +on September 2. This write-up first appeared on Vanity Fair.

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